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Operation: Horde Assault

Mission Planner

Event details

Operation: Horde Assault

Co-Zeus: @Jerichron


The 106th Regiment of the US Army has been tasked with a training exercise to the region of Zargabad, however they were ambushed on there way in and were forced into a nearby abandoned Compound (Alpha Area) and were tasked with defending there.


This mission will operate similar to other wave based defense games, with waves being sent at the defense location and will increase in difficulty after each wave. However, for each enemy vehicle you kill you will be rewarded points depending on the vehicle, these points can then be used by Platoon Lead to call in various different types of support. After 5 rounds, the Platoon must then move on to the next objective (Alpha > Bravo > Charlie). Respawns will be given after each wave, and if everyone dies, mission fail. Alpha objective is an abandoned construction site, Bravo is an old FOB and Charlie is the mayor's villa. I will be keeping track of points, and any vehicle that is destroyed counts, even if you indirectly kill it.


  • Survive all 15 waves
  • That's pretty much it

Enemy assets / Point value

  • Technicals - 1
  • Trucks - 1
  • BTR's, BMP's and BRDM'S - 2
  • Transport Helicopter's - 2
  • MBT - 3
  • Attack Helicopter - 3
  • Fastmover - 4

Anything else other than these listed will not appear in this mission.

Friendly Support Available / Points required

  • Resupply of Ammo - 2
  • M82A1 or M32 MGL - 5
  • APC or IFV - 7
  • MBT - 10
  • 81mm Artillery fire (5x shells) - 10
  • A-10 - 15
  • Praetorian 1C - 20
  • 5x 500lb JDAM's - 25


  • Ammo for everyone except Autorifleman is 8 + 1 mags.
  • Ammo for Autorifleman is 4 + 1 Boxes of 200rnd or 6 + 1 of 100rnd boxes
  • Everyone except Autorifleman must take an M4 or M16 variant from RHS
  • Autorifleman must take an M249
  • There is a cache of Ammo, MAT and AA available at Alpha objective. Any ammo from this must be transported from objective to objective.
  • No returning to spawn once you have left it, and no getting more ammo or anything when you respawn.

Reservable Slots:

Evals okay, ANYONE for reserving slots

4 squads only.

  • Platoon Lead:
  • Platoon Medic: @Muhcreedy
  • Platoon 2IC:


  • Alpha Lead: 
  • Alpha Medic:




  • Delta Lead:
  • Delta Medic:


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