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Operation Doogman 2: Electric Boogaloo


Mission Planner

Event details

 Operation Doogman 2: Electric Boogaloo

Co-Zeus: @Jerichron

NOTES: *This Mission was inspired by the events of the Yom Kippur War, set in 1973, some inaccuracies may occur*

                *This Mission is intended to be slightly more difficult than my normal operations, so brace yourselves*


In the height of the Yom Kippur War, The Isreal Defence Forces (supplied by the United States) make a final push against the Syrian Arab Army (Supplied by the Soviets) to secure the Golan Heights and Bring the war to an end. Meanwhile, US intelligence officers discover that the Soviets are getting their hands dirty and are actively deploying troops against IDF positions. The US sees this as an Opportunity to *Field Test* a new Fixed wing CAS Bird, The A-10 Thunderbolt II, Callsign Raptor. Alongside a US Motorised platoon, the United States Army moved to interdict Soviet movements and pave the way for an IDF Victory.

    Objectives: To Secure the Golan Heights

IDF (from South to North)


  1. Clear an SAA FOB and Destroy SAA armour stationed there
  2. Capture an SAA Occupied Oil Field cutting off re-fuel for the motorised SAA forces
  3. Capture The Main SAA Comms Base to shatter the SAA front and secure the IDF victory


USA (from West to East)


  1. Clear an SA Staging area to prevent the Friendly Airfield from falling into the enemy hands
  2. Search for Intel located in 1 of 5 lightly garrisoned locations (marked with green squares) to locate the SA armoured convoys route
  3. Intercept and destroy SA armoured Convoy Moving to reinforce the SAA front

Mission Fail Conditions:

  • 50% of the overall force has been wiped out after the final respawn wave has been called in.
  • Mission time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes Exceed. *Timer starts after going through the poll (Subject to change)

    Your platoons:
            IDF - Isreal Defence Force

Platoon Composition: Airborne Platoon

Assets: 4x UH-1H (infiltration only) [AI manned: Do not touch the AI crew]

           2x Land rover Soft Top (Per Squad) 

                   *These will be delivered to the platoon at your designated LZ 

                   *Extra Vehicles can be airlifted in Via Crossroads

            USA - United States Army

Platoon Composition: Motorised platoon

Assets: 7x M1025A1 (2x M2, 1x Mk19, 3x Unarmed, 1x 4D/Half)

           2x A-10A  

A-10A Fixed Loadout: *Ping Zeus whilst landed at start airfield for re-arm

  •  14x M151 (HEDP Rockets)
  • 4x Mk82 (Bombs)
  • 2x AGM-65B (TV missiles)
  • 2x AIM-9m (IR air-to-air missiles)

Respawns: 3x respawn waves to be called in at either platoons discretion *mercy respawns will be given to those that die early in the mission

    Enemy Strengths:
            SAA - Syrian Arab Army

Force Composition: Motorised  w/ Armour

Assets: up to and including t-55 ground armour and mi-8 air support

AA: 50.cal/ZU's have been reported in the AO, current intel informs that no Lock-on anti-air is active in the AO

            SA - Soviet Army

Force Composition: Mechanised w/ Armour

Assets: up to and including BMD-1K ground armour and MI-24s air support

AA: 50.cal/ZU's have been reported in the AO, current intel informs that no Lock-on anti-air is active in the AO

    Additional intel:

  • Mines have been Reported in use in the AO and are marked out by Signs
  • Civilians have mostly been evacuated, however, some remain in the towns scattered around the AO.



  • M16A4 (carryhandle, M203 for Grenadier) 
  • M4 (Basic RHS carryhandle Version)
  • M4A1 (RHS)
  • Colt M4A1 Carbine (carryhandle)
  • Colt Carbine 
  • M1 Garand
  • M3A1
  • M14 (ammo may not be included in resupply)
  • M249 (AR only)
  • M60 (AR only)
  • M79 (Grenadier only)
  • M1911A1 (secondary)

NOTE - Thanks to @Blutze for providing custom ammo boxes that can re-supply all weapons on the list stated above. Both Platoons have access to 1 resupply each.

        Israel Defense Forces


Uni: M93 (OG-107)

Vest: ALICE Webbing

Helm: Patrol Cap (OG-107), M1 for SLs & Radio-ops

Backpack: Alice Pack (OD), Kitbag (Olive), Bergen Olive SL (any variant)

        United States Armed Forces


Uni: M93 (EDRL)

Vest: ALICE Webbing

Helm: Patrol Cap (OG-107), M1 for SLs & Radio-ops

Backpack: Alice Pack (Woodland), Kitbag (MDU02), Bergen Olive SL (any variant)


  • No GPS *RPTR is allowed to take GPS/MicroDAGR
  • No NVGs (includes Binocular NV) *JTAC is allowed to take a vanilla laser designator
  • No BluFor Tracking
  • No drawing on the map after briefing 
  • No Short range radios
  • Iron sights only (no scopes allowed)
  • Only Radio-ops/JTACs can take a long range
  • Only the secondary mine detector can be taken (not the one that sits in your inventory)

Ammo limits:

  • 6+1 mags in the gun for rifles
  • 7+1 mags For the AR (Shared between the AR & AAR)
  • 5 mags for the M1911A1 secondary
  • Grenades: 1 HE, 2 smoke (per person)
  • UGL/GL: 8 HE/HEDP/HET, 4 smoke
  • 2x LAT per squad. each platoon can designate 1 AA squad each, in which standard FK MAT rules apply]  
  • The Rifleman not taking LAT is designated the Grenadier. Only they can take a UGL/GL 

Slots: (Regs+, Tags Priority)
        Israel Defense Forces

1st PLTHQ (Slotting in PLTHQ):


  • Lead -
  • Radio-op -
  • Medic -


  • Lead - @Fletch (no tags)
  • Radio-op -
  • Medic -


  • Lead -
  • Radio-op -
  • Medic -


  • Lead -
  • Radio-op -
  • Medic -

        United States Armed Forces

2nd PLTHQ (Slotting in PRHT & MRTR):



Golf (Slotting in KNGT, Riflemen in RPTR):

  • Lead -
  • Radio-op -
  • Medic -

RPTR (Slotting in RPTR Fighter Pilot):

Recommended Comments

@BDFoster I'm going to free up my medic slot as I'm not sure if I'll make it tomorrow.

Hoping to be there but I don't want to hog a slot that I mightn't be able to take

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@BDFoster @Jerichron Finally got around to test my supply box scripts on the FK servers. Ran into some limitations.

  • You need to run them as server to actually change the contents. Without, there is no point using them at all.
  • You need to be logged in as admin to do the automatic adding to all zeuses. Minor inconvenience, only really relevant because you are running this with two zeuses.

For anybody curious, here is what I prepared: https://pastebin.com/zwnXb2ta & https://pastebin.com/necUewWg

Edited by Blutze

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