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Spec Ops and Small Units Doctrine Training


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Spec Ops and Small Units Doctrine Training 


First of all hello everyone hopefully you'll all know im back in business now and to kick all this off im doing something ive been meaning to do for a long time.

Onto the training

Be aware the three hours time limit is set as this will also include a practice mission 

  • During the training no fucking around will be tolerated, we can have a laugh and a joke but when we start with a drill i expect it to be taken seriously
  • This training will be intensive and hard but will provide you with useful tactics to use in main missions or side ops.
  • This training will directly benefit you in my Smol Ops and will also put you above someone who has not done this training for requesting slots when i host my smol ops events.  
  • You will see below that there is alot to cover so i have given three hours to make sure it gets done (might finish earlier) because of the size of the workload ill limit this to ten people max, regs get priority, fngs comment down below and 24 hours before ill let you know if you get on. 
  • The ten people will be split into two squads
  • Squads will be decided in game and will consist of: Team Leader, 2IC, AR, Demolitions Specialist & Breacher




1. What is Special Ops?

Special Operations Types

The three Golden Rules

2. Equipment

Attachments, Grenades, Bullet Types, Weight (Light v Heavy)

3. Squads

Callsigns, Formations, Fire modes, PID

4. Fire Practice

Shooting Gallery, Tactics, Suppress, Shooty or No?, Fast Assault

5. House Clearing

-Battle Buddies, How to Clear, Squad Clearing, Grenades, Civvies, Timed Shoot House Practice

6. Map Reading

-Land Marks, Terrain, Find Us

7. Call in Support

-Fac/RTO Fire Missions, MedEvac, Mayday

8. Recon

9. Escape and Evade


-High Altitude Low Opening (HALO), High Altitude High Opening (HAHO), Static Line, Tree Jumping, Practice

11. Special Operations


--Home, Away, STRAPS

Mission Briefings 



--Squads, Vics, Fire Support


-- Vic, Entry


--Squad Flow, Squad Obj, Time Available


--Vic, Luggage, Saftey

12. Practice Mission

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Sounds interesting. Depending upon work schedule I'd like to observe. #alreadyhavemylongtab

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This training is cancelled as decided by the CMs and Trainers. We do not trust the event creator to properly give this course in a way deemed appropriate by both the Trainers and CMs.

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This event is now closed to further comments.
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