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Mission Planner

Event details

Co-Zeus: @Barcuck Osama

Situation & Briefing
The Nondescript Arab Military currently holds most of the western half of Altis, threatening our grasp on the main airport. Units from other organizations in the Technically European Alliance push for their own objectives in the north: the Boys in Green taking on the two military bases to the direct west of the airport, and the Boys in Blue going into Athira and the surrounding towns.
At the same time, you are tasked with capturing the AAC airfield to secure a bridgehead for yourself and deny the enemy his most important supply line to this island, and with taking over the mountain passes leading into the Zaros area from the west to secure the newly conquered territory.


You will be starting on the Pink start marker, taking ORCs and RHIBs across the gulf to conduct a beach landing on the AAC Airfield. Your mortar team is expected to stay on the start marker with a limited amount of ammunition, supporting the assault and then following across in their own RHIB. Once you have taken control of the airfield, the Subcontinental Airforce can fly in materiel and personnel with a C-130. From there on, you can tackle objectives however you see fit.


Order of Battle

  • FK Naval Infantry Platoon
    • 5-6x Rifle Squad; transport capacity is more than enough for a reasonably sized squad
    • 2x Javelin Team, callsigns "Pike" 1 & 2 (3 players each, slotting in vehicle crew or vehicle+foxtrot)
  • From Batallion:
    • 1x Stinger Team, callsign "Arrow" (3 players, slotting in air crew)
    • 1x 81 mm Mortar Team, callsign "Trebuchet" (2 players, slotting normally)
    • 1x Logistics Team (2 players, slotting in prophet)
  • From Subcontinental Airforce, Zeus controlled
    • 1x C-130, callsign "Tech Support", transporting respawns, ground vehicles and resupply
  • 4 + [40 or 48] + 13 + 2 = 59 or 67 required attendees

Enemy Assets

  • Up to BMP-2 and T-72 (w/o ERA)
  • Armed Helicopters
  • Light CAS Planes
  • Unguided AA
  • SPG-9s and D-30 artillery
  • Sporadic mines

Further Intel

  • Time will be late June, 0500h - atmospheric dawn, but no NVGs required.
  • Weather will be fair, with no fog protecting your initial assault. Use what you have.
  • Javelin teams get 2.5 km view distance, the Stinger team gets 3 km.


Success Conditions

  • AAC Airfield under TEA control
  • NAM presence in the AO reduced to a minimum
  • Mountain passes under FK control
  • NAM QRFs coming for the mountain passes successfully repelled

If the mission runs over time, but good progress is being made, we might cut it off with a success.


  • PLTCMD can request
  • Capped at ~75 personnel total

Failure Conditions

  • High casualties relative to progress made
  • Major objectives retaken by the NAM




  • Crye AC Ranger Green
  • Enhanced Combat Helmet or "Combat Helmet" (base paintjobs)
  • MBAV Ranger Green (not limited by role, Medic/MG recommended for everybody)
  • Leg Strap Bag (Olive), Assault Pack (Green), Kitbag (Green)
  • Bergen Olive SL/JTAC/FAC, RT-152G (ASIP) BWMOD


  • Optics: 12x for marksmen as usual, otherwise 1x
  • Squad AT: 1x AT-4 and 1x M72 per squad; no MAT/HAT/AA beyond what is listed in the ORBAT
  • Ammo load: up to 7 mags per rifle, up to 800 rounds per MG; no limit on 40mm and hand grenades
  • Weapon choices: standard rules, but see below for details on resupply


Available Vehicles & Supplies
C-130 capacity per trip is 26 infantry OR two vehicles OR eight boxes
Each vehicle holds four vanilla First Aid Kits, logistics trucks also have toolkits and backpacks

  • Landrover SoftTop, 6 seats
  • Fennek (unarmed), 4 seats
  • MRZR, 6 seats
  • M1078 Truck (unarmed, unarmored), 3 seats + cargo (16 wheels or 8 boxes)
  • Fireteam Box: normal 4-man team loadout
    • Rifle ammo
    • Marksman ammo
    • MG ammo
    • 40 mm HE, HEDP, Smokes
    • Handgrenades Frag/Smokes
    • LAT
    • Individual First Aid Kits
  • LAT Box: 1x AT-4, 1x M72
  • Medical Box: 90 bandages, 4 liters, etc
  • Special Box: Tools and gadgets people forget to bring
  • MANPADS Box: 3x Stinger ammo
  • Javelin Box: 4x tube
  • Mortar HE Box: 9x HE, 3x Airburst (12x HE with ACE)
  • Mortar Smoke Box: 12x White Smoke (non-lethal)
  • Spare Wheels
  • Scripts: https://gist.github.com/Blutze/a9c6bad7c9fad58a3df23dd489fde652

Supported Weapons

  • RHS AR-15s and HK416s, NIArms HK416s, L85s and L119s (30 round magazines only)
  • RHS G36s (30 round magazines only)
  • RHS Minimis ("box" magazines only)
  • RHS SR-25s
  • NIARms M14s (20 round magazines only)
  • RHS/Vanilla 40mm
  • BAF Javelins
  • RHS Stingers


Reservable Slots


*a.k.a. Operation Tech Support

Recommended Comments

What's the tasking of the 2x logistics team?

Also, weird to have the C130 zeus controlled if it has so many tasks: resupply, respawn transport, vehicle transport. Why isn't that for a player to do?

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Logi is gonna haul boxes from the airfield to wherever the teams are.

Tech Support's job is largely spawning boxes and roleplaying. Plus, if the beach assault doesn't go well that player would have to essentially sit out for quite some time.

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Maybe it's just me, but what asset/team is callsign Hammer ?

I'd like to take Arrow gunner(fng though, slot RSVP is not mentioned.)

Edited by Kerry

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