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Operation Salah-Ansar


Mission Planner

Event details

Scripted mission by radio. Part 3 of his campaign

After we killed both Abdul-Bari and Al-Rahim we now move on to the last Member of the Atar Family. Salah-Ansar is the first born child and is the leader of the Atar Syndicate, he has control over the Villages along the river.

Most of his Money comes from dealing drugs and weapons, aswell as extortion of the civilians in the area. We know that Al-Rahim was delivering his drugs to the drug stashes inside the town of Ovallestan, we also found some intel about an ongoing drug deal in the middle of the city. 

Finally the Afghanistan goverment asked us for help in the town of Yanotabir, where a troops from Salah-Ansar are trying to take over the local police station in an attemp to free some prisoners and they need help in the town of Scarzirah where they spotted an execution camp of Salah-Ansar.


Sign up for any of these special slots: first come, first serve (if you have the required experience)


  • Lead (Katla)
  • FAC (Roriky)


  • Vehicle crew - Gunner (Mouznik)
  • Vehicle crew - Commander (SM)
  • Vehicle crew - Driver (Slouchy Orc) "Verich if slouchy cant make it"

4x Condor + 1x Apache:

  • Heli lead (Woody)
  • Heli pilot (Batty)
  • Heli pilot (Whify)
  • Heli pilot (Urist Mc Putko)
  • Apache pilot (GarySqueak)
  • Apache gunner (Suprec)


  • Spotter (Dragosphere)
  • Sniper (Albertostadas)



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I don't mind being the being the diver but I'm not 100% sure I can be there for it just yet I'll know a few hours before hand.

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Sorry guys I can't make it this time my boss just sent me an email about a meeting that he now decides is important enough to have me walk 20 minutes through a white out. Have fun without me

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Posted (edited)

I appreciate the warning that my campaign would be canceled.


Edited by Tigernos

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1 hour ago, Tigernos said:

I appreciate the warning that my campaign would be canceled.


No need to be passive/aggresive. Frankly I thought your campaign was tomorrow. So I'll take blame. But henceforth im gonna ask every missionmaker a description, date and slots + mission upload 48h in advance or I wont schedule a mission.


So apologies but these are beginner mistakes for everyone.

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18 hours ago, Lenny said:

No need to be passive/aggresive.

But salt and sarcasm is my whole personality. Don't take that away from me :(

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