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Sunday Small Ops - Escape Mission


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Sunday Small Ops - Escape Mission

You are Spec Ops Group that has investigated alleged war crimes and corruption in Czechoslovakia when your plane was shot down. The information you possess is highly sensitive and has the means to bring down the current Czech Government. Czech troops have been dispatched to the area to find and locate you. Your objective is to get to your emergency exfiltration point however as of right now the exact location is unknown to you, as all means of long-range communication with HQ has been lost. The Czech Army has authorised the use of lethal force as well as dispatching a special forces recon and tracking team to pursue you. Checkpoints have been set up and all civilians have been ordered to stay in their houses. 

The specific fraction and uniform will be discussed by Alpha SL and Crossroads and a side, camo and fraction will be decided then.


However the current restrictions apply,


No NVG or Thermal Binoculars

No Explosives to be carried, only 1 Grenade, 1 Smoke, 1 Flash, 1 IR Strobe and 2 Chemlights Per person

No Long Range

Max 4 Mags Primary 2 Secondary



Slotting will be the usual for me

I will be playing favorites.

Tags will be considered but not given priority.

FNGs can request slotting.



SL:                  EMPTY

2IC:                @Puppydoug (May not make it) Reserve - @Zombiekiller5072

Med:                 @Skate

AR:                   @Muhcreedy

AAR:                 @WateryFox

Rifleman LAT:           @Kin9tiC

Rifleman           @Thorimus

Rifleman            @Galaxy


Special Squad

Helper 1:           @Pastor Of Muppets




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Thrown Raze

Posted (edited)

dropping out because reasons involving excess liquid


Edited by Thrown Raze
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