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Operation: Project Origin


Mission Planner

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NA Prime - Mission 1

Co-Zeus: @Lerto Backup Co: @Jerichron

Operation: Project Origin



At 1900 on ████ Train carrying facility cargo derailed near the town of Ruha. A detachment ████ of a Ninetailed Fox was to sent out to asses the damage and the need of further force needed to contain anything damaged or 'lost'. After 2 hour of mission deployment all contact with ████, the Ninetailed Fox detachment, was lost. The near by towns where also showing no signs of activity during this time. The 8x8KM area of Ruha as been put under SEVERE containment. All life inside this area has been quarantined and the area secured. Your Force will enter the are at 2100 and find out what happen. You will Secure the area, you will contain what ever has caused this and protect humanity as a whole from what ever this is.

MISSION FAILURE CONDITION - Should the detachment be wiped or a condition set DURING THE ACTIVE MISSION be failed the mission will be considered a failure. Units will still be able to finish the mission.

RESPAWNS: Can be called in by PLT or current highest ranking member in the field up to 3 times. Should you run out i will decided if you are allotted further respawns based on how well you all are doing.




  1. Blu4 tracking off
  2. No GPS
  3. AR team is replaced as riflemen
  4. M27 rifle is default rifle for all roles
  5. No LAT or MAT
  6. All grenades are limited 3x per the type and 6 total of all grenades (frag/incin + smokes)
  7. All magazines are limited to 6 on person and 1 in the rifle
  8. All Vehicles in the AO are only to be taken if given permission by the commanding field member
  9. Members who flee during combat are to be treated as hostile combatants. Shoot on site unless able to be taken alive.
  10. 2IC has the only LR for the squad.


  1. Get into it, freak the fuck out. This is going to be a spooky mission. We will be fucking with you hard.
    1. this means get scared, but don't overly exaggerate it.  
  2. Take it serious. This will be spooky but that is no reason to treat this as a 'meme mission' and ruin it.
  3. SL and 2IC's should try and RP as 'battle hardened'. You guys have seen alot of shit and made it through it all.
  4. LOOK FOR INTEL. Their will be intel to find during the mission the will inform WTF happened and possible hints to the mission.
  5. If a location is on the map, (Radio towers and other related map markers) treat them as they are possibly being used. They could be good or bad for you.
  6. Requested roles will only be given if you say Ninetailed (role) so I know you are really reading all of this.


There is a VERY RARE chance that someone triggers an event that will make them hostile to their unit. Should this happen you should act accordingly. This will happen at max 2 times in the mission if the criteria is met for this to happen. I will ask the person to act in a way.

UNIFORM: Loadout will be public

Base - Gendarmeir commander uniform

Vest - MBAV Black (rifleman)

Helmet - M97 Black

PLT - Ninetailed commander - 

A  SL-

A 2IC-

A Medic-

B  SL-

B 2IC-

B Medic-

C  SL-

C 2IC-

C Medic-

D  SL-

D 2IC-

D Medic-

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Joseph Broseph

Posted (edited)

If this is open to FNG'S would definitely be interested to be a Ninetailed rifleman this sounds awesome!


Edited by Joseph Broseph

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3 hours ago, TredBobek said:

Correct me if I'm wrong but we don't need to reserve as rifleman (only medic/2ic/sl and platoon)

You are very probably not wrong, but I just wanted to make sure

Edited by Galaxy

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