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Operation Tick Tock


Mission Planner

Event details

This mission is not as serious as the average mission. This means that there will be some memes and other funny situations. Nonetheless all normal server rules still apply! Don't be a dick.

This mission can probably be finished in less than one (1) hour if the plthq makes the right decisions.


Map: Zargabad blufor



Briefing / intel:
We have reports of multiple unknown devices being transported into the town of Zargabad. Your job is to drive in, find, identify and secure the unknown devices. Further tasking is received afterwards. For a mission complete everybody has to be extracted to the start marker or a position dedicated by crossroads.

We are expecting the enemy forces to use little to no armored vehicles and the usage of mines / ieds / suicide bombers is very unlikely but not impossible.

Civilians are expected but they are not supposed to disturb your operation. (For the people who need it black on white: If the civ is making larger problems, like shooting at you, feel free to dispose of him. Don't just slaughter civs because they looked funny at you!)

Keep collateral damage to a minimum!


(Gear) restrictions:

  • PTLCMD has to decide on a single uniform, vest and helmet for EVERYBODY to use. (Prophet is the exception if they want to take a ghillie suit)
  • No NV / thermal goggles, scopes or rangefinders. (Prophet is the exception)
  • AR is limited to 5.56 
  • Only scopes with no magnification (Prophet is the exception ... obviously)
  • Squad marksmen are allowed up to 5x magnification
  • Squad marksmen are allowed to take a boltaction rifle (caliber restrictions from the rules still apply)
  • Up to 2x LAT per squad (No MAT / HAT / AA)
  • No backpack radios


  • 1x 2 man prophet team
  • 2x 3 man HMG teams (Leader, gunner, assistant)
    • The HMG team got no caliber restriction for the HMG.
    • If they want they can also take a deployable turret based HMG.

All reservable slots are listed below:

(Zeus / cozeus tags or have succesfully zeused multiple times with me before)


  • IC: FREE
  • 2IC: FREE




HMG team 1:

HMG team 2:



  • If we can only fill 4 squads I will drop the second HMG team.
  • A maximum of 9 people are permitted in a squad (1 attache).
    • If you got more ... well they might have to walk.
    • If you haven't done the math yet: 3+6*9+2+2*3 = 65 ... everybody after this can be a PLTHQ rifleman or has to walk. smile.png.eb70560e5ff08bcff426ea2721fd26ec.png 

Recommended Comments

I'd like to co, but I haven't worked with you before.

If that's taken, I'd like to be HMG gunner if that's ok :)

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On 26/10/2018 at 00:11, Yung_Cider said:

 "For the people who need it black on white"


but..... but its "white on black" here


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1 hour ago, Winters said:

Do the HMG gunners need gunner tags? :D

If so can I grab the second team gunner please.

No tags but he was FNG so you got it.

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12 hours ago, Yung_Cider said:

Is HMG Team 2 leader still open? I'd take it if possible

Nevermind, can't take part in the mission because drunk stuff

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Heads up ... I'm closing the signups for kicking lower ranked people (no tags / FNG / etc) out of their slots 9 hours before the mission starts. Other free slots can still be requested until 1 hour before the mission starts.

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