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SSO: Operation Firefly (The Conclusion)


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Saturday Small Ops Presents:

Operation Firefly (The Conclusion)

Will be run on 2nd Server

This is the long-awaited conclusion to the campaign Operation Firefly. With the US embassy in ruins and the blame falling on you tensions have increased in Iqra. The US has now had the perfect excuse to invade the country and seized major areas. The Russians have also sent armed forces in and have manoeuvred their forces with the aim of taking this zone for themselves. Militia presence has been driving from most areas and now hide in the hills with hit and run attacks. Most cities have been levelled due to the heavy fighting and ION have deemed the situation too volatile to keep their ops centre in the rejoin. Everyone has been ordered to help load up the base and fly back to HQ in the US. However, this causes an issue for your team. As you now have a shoot to kill order on your heads going back to the US won't be easy.  You need to get on a plane due to leave the main airport that's taking Journalists back to Europe. This airfield is under US control however we do have a plan. We have a contract with a news crew and they need to be on that flight. This puts you very close to the plane. The only problem in this plan is that you don't have permission to travel on this plane as you're one of us. This means you'll have to either force your way on or sneak onto the plane and get the hell out of there. Once you hit Europe we can get you back to our Europe Offices in Germany easily before onto our Europe HQ in London. But you better make this quick as tensions are high and this whole situation can go south very very quickly.


Gear Restrictions:

None now as you have access to an arsenal.


Camo: Any Blufour or contractor looking Uni

Vest: Any matching contractor looking vest

Backpack: Any

Rifles: Any Blufour


Additional Info

All areas of control will be shown on the map.

There will be next to no briefing you must use your knowledge of the hostiles and the area (plus knowledge from last mission if you were there) to survive.

Blufor tracking will be removed.

Everyone is part of Alpha Squad.



I will give priority to people who played the previous mission and also be playing favourites.

Tags will be considered but not given priority.

FNGs can request slotting.

Alpha (Callsign Patrick)

SL:        @Pastor Of Muppets                            


AR:      Its Ya Boi @Muhcreedy aka the terminator, back at it again with the AR                             


Rifleman LAT:                   

Rifleman:          @SunnyLemon_                


Bravo (2 Members of Zulu 1-1 and the crashed Helis Pilot)



Pilot (wont actually fly unless you really fuck up):  @Patheticflower


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