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Light / medium gunship 101


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Read my last comment!



I know this even is rather short term but I can't really plan ahead with uni and other more important things at the moment.


This training will ONLY talk about light and medium gunship usage.

Topics covered in this training will include:

  • Basic maneuvers
  • Attack profiles
  • Target identification
  • Risk management
  • Basic Tactics
  • Basic communication and command hierarchy

It's planned to last less than 2 hours (120 minutes). If stuff is getting in the way (or the attendees want to train a specific part more in depth) it will  last longer.

Please make sure you are at least somewhat familiar with the mouse / keyboard (or joystick) layout of flying a helicopter. (What makes you go up what makes you go down etc...) This is a good example for somebody who has no idea where to start and how to bind their keybinds. This is obviously just a suggestion! Find a setup that is comfortable for you!


Taking part in this training DOES NOT give you any priority during slotting.


This is training is exclusive for REGULARS. FNGs may not RSVP! If an FNG has RSVPed and a regular can't RSVP because of it, just write a comment below.

Because the last training (Rotary transport 101) was the least organized training that I ever held, I sadly have to limit the RSVP to 6 people and I will not allow any additional participants.

I will just list the 4 most important reasons why I sadly have to fall back to the shit system:

  • We lost 40+ helicopter in a single training session with 10 participants ... 40+ fucking helicopter while we wheren't even doing anything where one should be in a position to crash ... We normally lose one or two during the average training session!
  • When I was trying to teach the basics, people where doing loopings or doing risky manover which always ended in explosions. Do that shit in the editor and listen to a fucking podcast of somebody explaining this ... Don't make me waste multiple hours of my live just because you want to have some fun at the expense of others.
  • People taking armed helicopter or anti air weaponry out of the garage / arsenal to shoot down people who where trying to follow the training ... How much of a piece of shit does one have to be to do this?
  • Constant talking over me with useless off-topic stuff when I was teaching topics. Nobody fucking cares about what you had for lunch ...

If you can't show up please un-RSVP at least one hour before the training starts ... there is no use when I get a message that you will not be able to attend but you are still RSVPed ... otherwise nobody else can take your slot!

These events take quite some time to prepare and run. It takes roughly 6 hours to prepare a 2 hour training ... Writing notes, preparing the server, improving the flight sandbox to accommodate changes, preparing scripts to be used during the training and writing a calendar post. Have some fucking decency. Please.

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Posted (edited)

18 minutes ago, Cosmo said:

Can’t make it on time for the start. Will you be allowing muted listeners?

You can always sit in the room and just listen ... but maybe the event one day later is better fitting for you?

It might not be approved at the time of me posting this reply though.

Edited by cineafx

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@Teo @Glad1us @NaWry due to internet problems (DCing every other minute) I will sadly have to cancel this event today ... God damn German internet providers ... and using mobile data to do something like this is simply too expensive.

I will try my best to get it fixed for tomorrows second training ... If you guys can't make it tomorrow (or my internet is still not working well enough) I will redo this event in the coming days / weeks.


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