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Cancelled due to lack of interest


Keep in mind this will be a test, missions won't be as in-depth as they normally are. 

Location: Greece

Date: Unknown

Fraction: US Airborne


Full information on this series is found here:





Ok listen up, our objective is to remove the areas AA systems and the heavy armour at Kastaneri ahead of the main landing. We will land at DZ London and first take on the armour in the city of Kastaneri. Don't worry, they are refuelling so if we hit them first they won't have time to get in their tin cans. After this, we will push to the fortifications on the hills just west of the city and destroy the AA. Then off home for cigars and whiskey. 




Uniform: US M-42 Airborne

Backpack: US Type 5 Parashoot

Vest: US AB Web Gear

Helmet: US M1 Airbourne 

Weapons: Role-specific

1 Smoke, 1 Frag grenade. 




Preset File: https://1drv.ms/u/s!At3fen2oXVnzgo8ZvGcUsslQGiqZQg



My usual way of slotting, ill play favourites, once you have a slot it's yours, will consider tags and anyone can request a slot.

SL:                           EMPTY

Radio Op:                 EMPTY

Medic:                     EMPTY

AR:                         EMPTY

DMR:                      EMPTY

Rifleman (LAT):        EMPTY

Rifleman (LAT):        EMPTY

Demo Specialist:       EMPTY

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