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Operation: Manpower

Mission Planner

Event details

EU First - Mission 1

Co-Zeus: @Vericht

Operation: Manpower



You are part of an Army of unspecified NATO country with access to Aircraft Carriers and Destroyers. You are "liberating" island of Panthera from unspecified REDFOR forces. Your platoon initially was designated as Engineering Platoon and you purpose in these liberation was to establish and defend FOB while main forces would do the job.

Friendly attacking forces managed to push frontline a bit in first couple of hours, but sustained catastrophic casualties and mostly been evacuated by now, leaving you alone on small peninsula of the island. Even worse that logistical service did a very big oopsie and have deployed you without any food supplies, engineering equipment and materials to build FOB. Instead they have supplied you with practically unlimited supplies of ammo, Unmanned Combat Vehicles of all kinds and Remotely Operated Weapon Stations. You had little to no experience with those systems, but there was manuals included in some crates.

Since liberation of this island is crucial for your unspecified NATO country politics you have been tasked to deal with it and prepare the ground for the arrival of new batch of attacking forces. Unfortunately they don't have enough food supplies either, so your only chance to survive is capture and secure 3 (three) bunches of large shipping containers with supplies at enemy Bases. Position of Two of them is known, Third one you have to find yourself. Bases have to be captured and secured by any means necessary. At the same time you have to hold your ground at he peninsula - it's possible that enemy will try to retaliate.


Civilian presence:

Yes. Mostly in towns. Your "liberation" wasn't expected and government started evacuation of civilian population only hours before.


Enemy Forces:

Massive. Expect everything. Including mines, jets and tanks. Gear mostly REDFOR.


Mission Win Conditions:

  1. Three bunches of large shipping containers with supplies on enemy Bases captured and secured. (Human presence not necessary)
  2. Total annihilation of enemy forces

Mission failure conditions:

  1. Catastrophic casualties (<10 people alive)
  2. Destruction of supply containers at bases
  3. Severe and unnecessary damage to civilian property
  4. Severe civilian casualties

Respawns: No respawns for infantry unless it have been caused by glitch.


Asset list

Transport: 1x Unarmed MRAP, 1x for every squad M1083A1P2 transport truck.  RRR - M977A4(ammo), M977A4(repair), M978A4.

Ground based and man portable: UGV Stomper, Land Rover Panama ROV, various man portable systems and remotely operated weapons stations.

Air based (users designated by Plt HQ): UCAV Sentinel, Yabhon-R3, MQ-12.

Special (for Plt or designated by Plt use only): Mk41 VLS, Mk45 Hammer, Pretorian 1C, Satellite.


Supplies of transport vehicles is limited by 2 additional transport trucks.

Supplies of UGVs, Panama ROV's and man portable drones is limited by number of possible operators. (Be rational guys, don't take too much, that's already a lot of shit going on)

Supplies of MQ-12 - 12 vehicles total, Yabhon-R3 - 6 vehicles total,  UCAV Sentinel - 3 vehicles total. Pretorian 1C and Mk45 Hammer on UGV Platform - 2 vehicles total each, Mk41 VLS and Satellite - 1 vehicle total each.


RRR by request only for Air Based and Special vehicles. Ground based have to retreat to current position of RRR vehicles.


Gear restrictions:


Uniform: G3 Multicam Tropic

Vest: Carrier Light Tropic (APEX) / Carrier Light Green

Helmet: Light Combat Helmet Tropic (APEX) / Light Combat Helmet Snakeskin // Military Cap Tropic for Leadership roles.

Gun (Any Rifleman/Leader/Medic): P90 (any of 16) / MP7A2 (any of 4) / AR15 Carbine (any of 2) / Colt Carbine / Colt M4A1 Carbine. Ammo: P90 limited to 3 mags total per person (2 + 1 in a gun), MP7A2 limited to 4 mags per person (3 + 1 in a gun), all others up to 5 mags total per person (4 + 1 in a gun).

Gun (Autorifleman): M27 IAR. Ammo limited to 600 rounds total (on gunner and assistant).

DMR: Bushmaster 300 Carbine. Ammo limited to 4 mags per person (3 + 1 in a gun).

LAT: M136. Limited to one per squad.

Underslung Grenade Launcher: None. GL versions of the guns are also not allowed.


Scopes: Iron Sights or integrated RDS of P90. DMR can take 4x scope.


Slotting procedure: Standard. No tagholder calls for assets required.

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