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[Arma 3/CoD] What never was...


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What Never Was...

Zeus: BenFromTTG


If you have been playing some of my missions recently you may have known that I have stolen a few missions from Call Of Duty MW1. Well I decided instead to make my own CoD style mission, with characters from multiple Modern Warfare games. The mission will be a different flow to standard ArmA 3 missions and will be more fast and action packed. Objectives will be given as you complete previous ones. It will be run on my own Dedicated Server, modset found here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/k0fnfgid85knzov/Arma+3+Mod+Preset+BENS_SERVER.html - UPDATED


<Transmission Started>

Alpha, this is Overlord. We've received contact from a Delta Force team on an Op in Ukraine, we need you to get into the AO and rendevous with them and support them on their Op. Overlord out.

<Transmission End>


You have been Infil'd into the North-Eastern part of Pripyat, Ukraine, with a box of supplies. Your objective is to RV with the Delta Force and support them with their current mission. We believe the last known contact was an small ultranationalist force, with BMP's and BTR's, and a possible MBT of some sort. Possible Mi-8's and Mi-24's operating.


  • No changing Loadouts, only misc items and ammo may be changed.
  • 4 Frag Grenades and either 4 Flash or Smoke Grenades may be carried at any one time.
  • Weapons and Misc Items only may be picked up from dead bodies.
  • No picking up Launchers from dead bodies, but launchers from containers are allowed.
  • All units are Medic's, so feel free to take as many medical supplies provided in the boxes, but I will be periodically healing wounded to keep the flow.
  • Respawns run when the area is clear around the squad.
  • Enemy vehicles may only be taken if not previous occupied (for example, if a Mi-24 is sat with no-one in, you are free to commandeer it.)


There will be 2 squads, plus a special role which will be briefed in before mission start

Slots are Reserveable, with this priority (FNG'S > Regs > Tagholders)

All slots feature recognisable characters from different Modern Warfare games, but I won't spoil them now...


Squad 1 - Alpha

Squad Lead - @Prometheus13

2ic - FREE

Breacher - @info

Autorifleman - @Fred

Prophet - @Extremebeaver


Squad 2 - Delta Force

Squad Lead - @Muhcreedy

2ic - @99opkiller

Autorifleman - @RedNexus

Marksman - @johnb43


Special Role - @Patheticflower

Co-Zeus - @Frankasaurus Rex



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39 minutes ago, Frankasaurus Rex said:

Is it alright if I take up the CO-Zeus slot?

Download the preset then hop on TS and poke me and i'll go over some things with you.

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Squad Leader for Delta Force please, and I'd also like my obligitory William Fichtner (SandMan MW3) voice actor, and for @RedNexus to be voiced by Idris Elba (Truck)

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12 minutes ago, Muhcreedy said:

Squad Leader for Delta Force please, and I'd also like my obligitory William Fichtner (SandMan MW3) voice actor, and for @RedNexus to be voiced by Idris Elba (Truck)

I'll try to make that happen ??

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1 hour ago, BenFromTTG said:

I'll try to make that happen ??

If @info doesn't sound like Craig Fairbass when he gets there I'm gonna be mighty annoyed

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My internet was very slow today, so i don't have the modset yet, but will try to download it now.
Hopefully i'll be able to get them before the mission start, but if not, I'm sorry for not telling earlier.


EDIT: Nope. Sorry @BenFromTTG, I won't be able to download the mods in time. Have fun everyone!

Edited by Galaxy

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