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Since there aren’t a whole lot of official ones being run, I’ll be running a series of unofficial armor training sessions. Again, these are unofficial, but they are being done with the approval of the armor trainers. I’m a competent and experienced tanker, and I’ve got all the tags associated with tanks except armor trainer. 

I can train the following to a relatively advanced degree: 

Driver: Vehicle positioning, cover and concealment, vehicle movement, operation within a convoy, crew cooperation with gunner incl. fire and movement (“peek-a-boo”)

Gunner: FCS operation on BLU/OP tanks and IFVs, target selection and prioritization, aiming (weak) points in BLU/OP tanks and IFVs, ammo selection based on target and desired effect, cooperation with driver incl. fire and movement (“peek-a-boo”)

Commander: Proper crew interaction, communication, and control; single-tank tactics and operation, both with and without supporting infantry; cooperation with other tanks in two-, three-, and four-tank sections, including mutual support and fire-and-movement. CANNOT train armored platoon (3+ tanks) or mechanized company (3+ tanks and assorted IFVs/chalk) command as I do not have enough experience in those scenarios. 


If you RSVP to this event, drop a comment saying what sort of stuff you’re trying to learn. I’ll tailor the individual syllabi of the sections to what people want to get out of them. All community members (FNGs, regs, tagged armor crew, non-tagged folks who just want to learn) are welcome. 

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