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Arma 3 FK 40k (Space Hulk Tempestus)


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In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.


-This is a priority message from Armageddon High command-

-A space hulk of equivalent size and shape to a Gothic class cruiser has been deposited on the edge of the system by the winds of the immaterium. Preliminary surface scans have revealed the vessels identity as the Imperial vessel Tempestus which was reported lost approximately in the year 0123678.M41.-



-Further scans to the vessel have revealed that the majority of the ship's systems are intact which has levied cause for recovery to be ordered. Primary Objectives are as follows 1st - SECURE THE VESSEL AND VITAL COMPONENTS - 2ND ELIMINATE ANY HOSTILE ELEMENTS PRESENT ONBOARD AND PREPARE FOR CLEANSING TEAMS--


-Scans have in addition revealed that the ships primary hangar doors are intact and are recommended for use in the boarding action mechanicus adepts are allready at work coaxing the machine spirits within to open.


-For this operation, the Gothic class cruiser designation Erebus has been attached to this operation in addition to some regiments of the imperial guard and a 1x tactical squad of an in-system Adeptus Astartes chapter.-




-This operation is to be undertaken as soon as the aforementioned forces can be assembled and dispatched command out.-


MISSION SUMMARY: This will be a heavily themed mission with elements taken from the world of Warhammer 40k and the associated lore. The mission will be making use of the Arma 3 mod There is only War and using elements from the Halo 3 mod Operation: Trebutche which will be posted as well at the bottom of this event page in a compiled list. Squad composition for this mission will, for the most part, be the same as in standard FK missions with the exception of the space marine squad which will be composed of (1X SL,1X Medic and 3x Marines) this is being done due to the nature of Space Marine armor and its effectiveness of itself and the space marine weaponry within the mod and is being done for purposes of lore adherence and for balancing. Weaponry within the mission will be restricted to Warhammer based weaponry and will be restricted to roles....no guardsmen taking space marine bolters!. Tags for applicable roles are being enforced and will not be different from standard slotting. As well the standard ruleset for FK will be in place and any violations of said ruleset will result in your immediate ejection from the event and subsequent barring from any future events of this kind. 






COZEUS @Maverick


-Space Marine Sergeant(SL TAGS): @Fletch (2IC TAGS)

-Space Marine Apothecary(MEDIC TAGS): @Godzi

-Space Marine(ARMOR GUNNERY TAGS): @info (NO TAGS + REG)  

-Space Marine(ARMOR GUNNERY TAGS): @Mingy (NO TAGS + REG)

-Space Marine(ARMOR GUNNERY TAGS): @OTipsy (NO TAGS + REG)

"Yes, this is necessary ^^^"



-Guard Squad leader(SL TAGS): @BDFoster

-Guard Apothecary(MEDIC TAGS): @Colek (NO TAGS + REG)

-Guard Team leader #1(2IC TAGS): @PinkMunn

-Guardsman HWC Team#1(REGS):

-Guardsman Team#1(REGS):

-Guardsman Team#1(REGS):@FPS121 (FNG)

-Guard Team leader #2(2IC TAGS): @Leprechaunlock  (NO TAGS)

-Guardsman HWC Team #2(REGS): @SMPureParadise

-Guardsman Team #2(REGS): @Fred

-Guardsman Team#2(REGS): @MarloK



-Guard Squad leader(SL TAGS): @Spalone (NO TAGS)  

-Guard Apothecary(MEDIC TAGS): @Glad1us (NO TAGS)

-Guard Team leader #1(2IC TAGS): @Eaglestrike

-Guardsman HWC Team#1(REGS): @Nikolai

-Guardsman Team#1(REGS): @Thranwulf (FNG)

-Guardsman Team#1(REGS): @Setralthan (FNG)

-Guard Team leader #2(2IC TAGS):

-Guardsman HWC Team #2(REGS): @AntiMatter

-Guardsman Team #2(REGS): @Anorix

-Guardsman Team #2(REGS): @Synikan




1. FK Arma Rules are in effect and any breach of them not cleared by the event host or a present admin will be punished.

2. Only Warhammer based weaponry is to be used for this operation.

3. Any failure to take the mission seriously or to troll in any way will result in a kick from the server and barring from future events of this kind.

4. Additional restrictions may be applied in the mission by the event host and or Zeus and any attempt to avoid and or supplant new restrictions will be met with previously mentioned punishments.


MISSION REQUIREMENTS: The modset is subject to change but will be finalized the day before the event.

MODSET: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14c8YjWgsvOxqUR4G6QsOdTFHTpMUgJUX/view?usp=sharing

- Download the modset and drag into arma launcher with no mods loaded or open with web browser.


Recommended Comments

Been waiting for somone to do a WH40K Mission!

I will take any of the baisc Guardsman slots. Move me around if you need to make room for some REGS.

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may i take any space marine please


also, Imperial fists for life!


edit: no tags

Edited by info

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The modset has been updated to remove any unnecessary extras mods such as JSRS and Blastcore are still acceptable if you wish to use them during the event. Any further changes to the modset will be posted here.

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if there is still a slot open for a FNG i gladly preent my candidation, in addition by my grade in this comunity i prefer to be a grunt. FOR THE EMPEROR AND THE IMPERIUM OF MAN!

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