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Calendar Mission: Malden Deep


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So this will be something different, and a little silly too.  You have been warned!




The enemy has stood against us for too long!  Today we attack at their central fort, Malden Deep.

Our objectives are as follows:

  • Clear their two guard posts to secure a foothold into the fort (red flags).
  • Find a way to breach the fort, either via the main gate (blue arrow) or other means.
  • Fight through to the rear of the fort and snuff out their precious religious flame in its natural bunker (obj marker).


The enemy is geared similarly to us but has static weaponry and a heavily entrenched and fortified position.  They appear as follows: 039e8478582e9a0174a3b2bc9920a6af.jpg



This mission will be heavily restricted, but provide plenty of respawns.  Think of it as a silly challenge.

  • No GPS, NVDs, binoculars, launchers or sidearms of any kind.
  • No drawing on the map after briefing.
  • No radios whatsoever. (2x Messengers on foot available to deliver orders) Plt Lead can take one for communicating with Xroads for technical purposes
  • No modern looking items.
  • No helmets.
  • No grenades (any kind) or explosives unless explicitly stated below.
  • No looting of enemies.
  • Tracking will be disabled.
  • ShacTac UI will be disabled.
  • Insta-death prevention will be disabled.


LOADOUTS: A basic public loadout will be provided if you remind me :P 

  • Uniform: Civilian Clothes (Middle East) - any mostly blue-looking variant.
  • Vest: 6Sh46
  • Headgear: Preferably none
  • Backpack: Sidor
  • Weapon: M1903A1 ONLY. (7 +1 magazines total) Note, you need to un-ADS to pull the bolt ;) 
  • Autorifleman: As above but may take 2x Incendiary Grenade
  • Squad Leaders may designate 2x members of the squad to take IZh-18 12 Gauges.  30 rounds total max.
  • Medics: May take Priest Outfits or otherwise look "more religious".  Gotta explain the PAK magic somehow
  • Messengers: May take 4x coloured smokes
  • Explosive Expert: May take as many demo blocks and charges as can fit in their uniform, vest and backpack, but no detonator.  No more elsewhere.




Tagged Roles will have tags take precedence. If a non-tagholder requests a role or the role has no associated tag, I reserve the right to pick who I deem most appropriate from the requests or even leave the slot empty.


Platoon Lead: @Jerichron

Messenger 1: @ThePointForward

Messenger 2: @colt92

Explosive Expert: @Sarissa


Alpha Lead: @Spooks

Bravo Lead:

Charlie Lead:

Delta Lead: @andyt90

Echo Lead:


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Posted (edited)

other messenger slot plox if not ill take a squad lead slot instead.

Edited by EHOPPPS

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