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Calendar Mission: Paradrop Panic


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So this will be something different and very chaotic.  You can and will be separated from your squad, so you should work closely with those around you.  You have been warned!




You are the Horizon Island Defence Force, but today you are on the offensive.  Your rather cocky general has sent you on a suicide mission, to paradrop directly on to the nearby island of Tembelan's main military airfield, with no asset support. The death toll will be many, but we have a large force to use so he believes victory is certain and does not care about the cost.

Enemy forces consist of standard 80s-90s armed forces wielding AKs etc.  They have armour up to and including MBTs, and air up to Fixed Wing.  They are also known to use mines to shore up defences around their bases, hence this air-based assault.

You will paradrop via TP pole at either marker of your choice.  They will be approx 800m in the air. Weather will be early morning with rain. 

It is recommended if you have a backpack that you keep it on when you exit the arsenal such that it is restored properly on respawn. A box of parachutes can be provided at the pole if requested.

Your objectives are as follows:

  • Find and disable anti-air positions
  • Find and disable artillery positions
  • Disable enemy assets
  • Clear the airfield of enemy presence

You have 1 hour from first drop to complete these.



This mission will be heavily restricted, but provide plenty of respawns.  Think of it as a silly challenge.

  • No GPS or NVDs
  • No drawing on the map after briefing.
  • GLs for Squad/Platoon leaders only. (5 HE + 5 Smoke/Flare max)
  • Only Squad/Platoon leaders may take binoculars, and the vanilla ones only.
  • No weapon attachments whatsoever.
  • No short range radios whatsoever.
  • No wireless explosive detonators (includes deadman's switches)
  • No looting of enemies.
  • Tracking will be disabled.
  • ShacTac UI will be disabled.


LOADOUTS: A basic public loadout will be provided if you remind me :P 

  • Uniform: M93 (OG-107) Variants
  • Vest: ALICE Webbing
  • Headgear: M1 Variants (Medics may wear Red Berets for ID purposes)
  • Backpack: ALICE Pack 
  • Primary: M16A4 (Carryhandle), M1 Garand or M3A1 (5 +1 magazines total)
  • Sidearm: M1911A1 (2+1 mags total)
  • Autorifleman: M240B/G (600 rounds max)
  • AT: Only one M72 per squad.
  • Grenades: 2x handheld grenade per person only. (Smoke + frag)



Only tagholders may reserve from the following:

Platoon Leader:

Alpha Lead: @Servok

Bravo Lead: @BDFoster (Bravo Delegating Foster)

Charlie Lead:

Delta Lead:

Echo Lead:

Recommended Comments

3 hours ago, BonSie said:

No actual C-130? You disappoint me.

Thought about it or a heli, but figured in the end that with how often people will die that the 10+ minute wait after respawn to get into the action wouldn't be worth it sorry.

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I wonder what music people will play as they gracefully parachute  plummet to their deaths 

Edited by Fred

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7 hours ago, Fred said:

I wonder what music people will play as they gracefully parachute  plummet ti their deaths 

Whatever it is I hope it is quiet and also stopped when requested.  I.e quickly as with no radios again you are relying on local to communicate.  Do take care of others playing please.

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17 minutes ago, AntiMatter said:

just to be clear do we have to put timers on everything or can we use touch off as well?

Pretty sure ACE disables touch off as an option, so you won't be able to set it down and detonate it that way.

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there is a way to get touch off on but i wont say it here just wanted to know so people who do know how wont do it. If that makes sense


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