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Tactically Outplayed: FK Operations [TEST SESSION]


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Event details

What this event even is?

This event is aimed at the people who want more in-depth missions and not just rushing objectives every time. The idea behind these ops relies on extensive squad coordination, good reconnaissance, and fast-paced attack phase.

The AI response in these missions will also be more realistic and reinforcement won't be just a new portion of meat to the meatgrinder. Same goes for enemy assets.

Feel free to contact me directly to ask questions about the event format.

Mission Restrictions:

  • The maximum amount of slots in the mission - 24. (which allows having 2 squads, 2 air or 1 ground asset) A certain amount of slots will be announced with the mission as well as reservable slots.
  • Weapons, Attachments and other gear restrictions are pre-determined by the Pastebin/public loadouts (in case of Zeus mission) or mission itself (for scripted missions).
  • "BLUFOR" tracker is disabled by default.

Slotting procedure:

  • To request a slot in the mission leave a comment to the event. After that, the roster will be made according to status (Vet/Reg/FNG) and how early slot had been requested. After reaching the limit people who didn't get into the roster will be put into the reserve list. If people from the main roster won't turn up - they will be replaced by the people from reserve according to the order of the requests.
  • Roles are non-reservable unless specified by the mission in the event description. Standard FK slotting procedure is used.

Event rules:

All rules on this event are standard FK ones, except for one additional rule:


Person who breaks the rules and lead to the mission disruption will be blacklisted from participation in event:

  • First infraction - for 1 next event;
  • Second infraction - for 2 next events;
  • Third infraction - permanently with the chance of appeal; 

 Mission "Last Resort" [07/03/19]

Available slots: [9 out of 20]

Mission briefing:

The film crew of the ANN was captured hostage in the western part of Takistan. The rebels demand a lot of money as ransom and threaten to execute hostages if their demands are not met. The 1st Recon platoon of US Forces is entrusted with the task of finding and freeing the hostages.


Aerial reconnaissance showed that the hostages can be located in the settlement of Chaman. The situation is complicated by the fact that the terrorists are very nervous and have accumulated a decent amount of equipment and forces (mainly technicals and BTR's) in the area and can get rid of the hostages if they realize that they are under attack by the US Army. To avoid this, your platoon will be dressed in the camouflage of a rival rebel group, which should confuse the enemy command and buy us some time.

Aerial reconnaissance also found that in the neighboring village of Shukurkalay there is a warehouse of weapons and supplies. The command recommends a distracting strike by part of the forces in order to pull part of the enemy troops from the city of Chaman, hold enemy reinforcements and ensure the success of the rescue operation.

After the hostages are released, the platoon must break fire contact and retreat to the south, where the helicopters will arrive for evacuation from the AO.

Mission restrictions/loadouts: 

- BLUFOR Tracking disabled
- Only SL/TL and Marksman allowed rangefinder, Infantry allowed standart Binocs only
- SL/TL limited to 4x scopes
- Marksman limited to 12x scopes
- Regular infantry limited to 1x scopes
- Ammo limited to 10+1 for rifle, 3+1 for pistol, 800 rounds for MG, 2 exposives charges per demo-man
- 2 LAT per squad
- UGL is not allowed
- SL can appoint 1 Marksman per squad and 2 demo-man, who are allowed to bring explosives.


Helmet: FAST Ballistic (Urban Tan/Any Modification)
Camo: Guerilla Coveralls (Boko Haram/GUE 3CDP+Tan)
Vest: SPC (Any variant)


Infantry - M4A1 Block II or similar 
SL/TL - M4A1 Block II or similar
Autorifleman - M249 (short versions)
Marksman - M24 SWS only

Example of the loadout:


Reservable roles:

Alpha SL:

Alpha TL1:

Alpha TL2:

Bravo SL: Jerichon [REG][TL TAG]

Bravo TL1: Samchaddy00 [FNG][NO TAG]

Bravo TL2:


Recommended Comments

1 minute ago, Servok said:

I like this mate just the time bites me. I'll hang out for any videos people do.

I am still trying to figure out the timeslot for the next events. I may shift it a bit later, but I don't want to hit the 1st EU main.

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@Vericht I'm down. Slot please!

I have some questions about what you're going to do with the AI, but my interest is mostly exploratory.

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