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[Arma3] Carrier Sim/LHD: Ultimate Crossover

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Carrier Sim + LHD

MODSET: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b430kydu4p3yc0p/Arma+3+Mod+Preset+Carrier+Sim.html

How it works:

All roles of the carrier are taken up by players. This includes all deck crew (Aircraft handlers, Ordnancemen, Towing Officers, Plane Captains, ATC and so forth) as well as Jet Pilots, Heli pilots and a Diver Team. Any player taking a Deck Crew role must have an understanding of all the different roles of deck crew as well as how a carrier works. This will mainly be an aerial assault, though the Nimitz is support by 1x Arleigh-Burke Class Destroyer as well as 1x Virginia Class Sub, So if you don't like air and naval combat, or crewing a carrier, this mission is not for you. More will be explained on the day, as it is MUCH easier to explain in person.

For LHD rules, see bottom of this event

Slots (first come first serve unless otherwise stated):

USS Nimitz

Most of the Deck Crew slots will be decided on the day, as there are a lot of them. If you are interested in one, put a comment down below.

Zeus : FREE

ATC Commander - @RedNexus

ATC Officer - FREE

ATC Officer - FREE

Medical Officer - FREE

Medical Officer - FREE

Medical Officer - FREE

Pilots (Tags>Regs>FNG'S):

There are 11 Jet pilot slots, so request one and I will put your name under here:




Heli Pilot (Transport) - @AngryScottishMan

Heli Pilot (CAS) - FREE

Boats (Honorary boat tags don't count):

Poseidon (Destroyer):

Commander - @Schroeder - BSO

Driver - FREE

Crewman - FREE

Crewman - FREE

Neptune (Submarine):

Commander - FREE

Driver - FREE

Operator - FREE


Reservable Slots (Anyone can reserve, Regs>Fng's)


SHIP-COM -                        

EDIT - There at a bunch more roles for the LHD, they will be slotted at the time. If you don't see something you like at the Nimitz, there will be something on the LHD you'll like. 


Important Information/My Rules:

  • The Vehicle Depot is the stockpile of Assets and land based vehicles. Here are the rules for them:


  1. No more than 2 KNIGHT Assets (Tanks, IFV's etc.)
  2. No more than 1 Mobile AA (Hummvee Avenger; there is AA accessible on the ship)
  3. No more than 4 MRAP's
  4. Trucks and Humvee's are limited to how ever many there are in the Depot, including respawns
  5. No Asset Respawns are given, only those in the stockpile are available


  • For stuff on the LHD, A limit of 2 Fixed Wing and 2 rotary may be used at a time. Pilots can land on the carrier and switch vehicles freely.
  • SHIP - COM must ask Zeus for Asset Respawns if something stupid happens
  • Only 1 Destroyer, 1 Submarine and 2 Attack/Patrol boats may be active at a time.

Recommended Comments

uhhh I'd go for a Raptor guy CAS (in case its not a little bird). If it is just give me Neptune Gunner( Boat Tags Kappa )


I made the modpack work ^-^

Edited by Kerry

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