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Calendar Mission: Combined ArmA


Mission Planner

Event details


Gentlemen, welcome to Al Rayak, and to full out warfare.

Today you face a pitched battle across the entirety of the map, with everything at both yours and the enemies disposal.

The mission will function as a combined arms company layout, and good organisation will be critical to success.




  1. Secure 3 cities (Opfor coloured objective markers)
  2. Escort civilians out of the town (Purple Evac marker)
  3. Rescue local military squad (Indfor green marker)


  • Destroy critical enemy factories or storage (Orange "sabotage" destroy markers)
  • Disrupt enemy communications (Yellow "comms" destroy markers)



  • There will be NO rearm available for assets.  Repair and refuel available at Start and captured towns if requested.
  • Company Commander has 2x friendly AI infantry platoons at their disposal.  (Callsign for comms: Station 1-1 and 1-2)
  • Completing optional objectives will impede the enemy.  Comms = Less Air and Artillery.  Sabotage = Weaken QRF etc
  • Asset respawns are at Zeus discretion, depending on how the asset was lost.  Infantry earn 1 wave per main objective complete.
  • Friendly armour elements can be "airlifted" to new locations by Crossroads on request.
  • Enemy has access to all possible types of assets and equipment (Russian).
  • Enemy base markers are for informative purposes only.  Expect heavy AA.
  • Infantry resupplies can be requested at base and delivered to the frontlines by assets.
  • Infantry have MRAPs and HMMV's available for transport.
  • Prophet will have the choice of an unarmed Little Bird or MRZR for vehicles.
  • Prophet and the UCAV are for conducting recon and mostly BDAs, don't expect to be doing much shooting.
  • For a sabotage objective to be considered done, at least half of the structures present should be delet.


Recommended Radio Frequencies:

Company-wide: 69  |  Air: 68  |  Armour: 67  |  Infantry: 66  |  Artillery: 65 | Prophet: Moving between nets as needed for BDAs and recon.



[Tags priority for reserving (no FNGs). I reserve the right to pick who I believe would best suit the mission.]

Company Command [MUST be slotted and planned beforehand]: @Garfield0003 (NT)

Platoon Leader (Infantry):

FAC: @Hyxogen

Armour RTO: @Legendo (NT)

Mortar RTO (Role might be delegated to COY):


Alpha Lead: 

Bravo Lead:

Charlie Lead: @andyt90


Bradley (Squire 1) - Commander: @colt92 | Gunner: @Conga Line of Neckbeards | Driver: @Kerry

Bradley (Squire 2) - Commander: | Gunner: @Jerichron | Driver: @Kako_Kai


Apache/Chinook (Serpent) - Pilot: @Beyond | Gunner: @NaWry

Chinook (Lizard 2) - Pilot:

(There are 2x Chinooks, and all rotary crew may switch between birds freely)


A-10D (Eagle) - Pilot: @gadsada

F/A-18 (Sparrow) - Pilot: @BonSie

UCAV (Pelican) (Bomb loadout only) - Operator: @RedNexus (NT)


Prophet - Lead: | Spotter: @Malbryn | Sniper: @Skate | Rifleman: @AngryScottishMan (can fly) (apparently) (NT)

(Please coordinate beforehand that one of the team can fly to a degree.)


Paladin (Mortar 1) - Gunner: @Servok

Paladin (Mortar 2) - Gunner: @Zenthar


CO-ZEUSES.  You MUST have tags or have Zeused with me before.

Co Zeus 1 (Objective management) : @Lerto

Co Zeus 2 (Objective management) : @ThePointForward

Co Zeus 3 (Friendly AI/"Station", slotting in infantry) : @Rabit Salvokelk

Recommended Comments


Posted (edited)

Will take a SL slot. 

If not that, then I'll do anything except medic. :P

Edited by P057code

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Posted (edited)

Would like to go for Coy first,

then either RTO as second option

Squire 2 driver tertiary option (tags)

Edited by Garfield0003

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7 hours ago, gadsada said:

A-10D Gib

I was about to tag and ask you but, it's fine for me if you want to fly the a10d. 

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Posted (edited)

PRHT 2 Spotter, thanks got tags (also can fly little whirlybirderino if needed, just not amazing)

Edited by ThePointForward

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Posted (edited)

UPDATE, some changes to assets and added one objective to map.

  • Prophet is now one joint team, see the slots for how it's laid out.  They will also have access to carry a darter backpack with them. (@Malbryn @AngryScottishMan @Skate)
  • No more Abrams
  • UCAV is limited to bombs in its loadout only


As for how I'm doing the slotting, currently I'm only placing tagholders in now.  As it gets closer to the time I will be placing non-tagholders in roles I deem will cope well.

Edited by Tomo
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