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Welcome to Anizay


Mission Planner

Event details

This will be a mutlipart zeused campaign

Gear will be restricted. Slots may be requested by anyone, Tags take priority, after that i reserve the right to choose who gets a slot.

General intel

It has been a while. With our slow push back against the terror threat in Afghanistan we have now reached the region of Anizay. It is one of the less more densely populated areas in the country, but most civilians have fled before we have arrived.

The US have established an FOB on Landay airfield, but their troops are not capable of pushing any further without risking the loss of Landay. The closest Nato elements to support were we, the 3rd recon patrol of B squadron, 22nd SAS Regiment were the only available troops to support the US forces. The USAF has started operating from the base so we can expect Air support from them.

To take pressure of them we have designated 5 targets we want to achieve in the first night of our arrival. These are, listed by priority:



1: Clear out suspected IED factory in Zaranj

      The USMC has relayed that they suspect an IED factory in the town of Zaranj. Make sure it is dealt with at all costs

2: Capture FOB Nauzad

      We need to establish a place from which we can stage further raids into ISIS territory. This old military base is an ideal location. We need to recapture it from ISIS

3: Capture the 2 Oil fields

      Oil is critical to how ISIS can fund their activity. These two large Oilfields provide them with immense amounts of cash on the black market. If we can these fields need to be captured or sabotaged

4: Neutralize IED threat (if possible)

      USMC command reported that they received messages about an IED threat in this location. We dont have an EOD team at hand, do what is possible.


Enemy forces:

You are facing a group of semi coordinated local militias with ISIS as the biggest force. We also believe that they might be supported by Pakistani forces, it is currently not clear if the Pakistanis are involved or rouge elements are fighting for them.

Multiple fastmovers have been spotted on radar to the south west. We are not sure if they belong to the possible rouge elements or are not involved at all.

The USAF report that they have already conducted airstrikes against some heavy armor to the north west of Landay. Expect similar contact in your current AO.


Gearsets BAF:


      NVD: monocular NVGs, standard binos for everyone bar SL. SL can take whatever bino they want

      GPS for TL/SL only

Rifles: (All ammo has to be tracer)

      TL(not SL): L119A1 UK UGL (3HE, smoke/flare unrestricted), 8+1, 1x sight

      DMR(1x per squad max): L129A1, 10+1

      AR: L110A3,  1x sight, 4+1

      Rest: L119A1, 8+1 1x sight (not the grip or the CQB version)

      AT: M136, 2x per squad

      Sidearm: Any BAF mod pistol, 2+1

Transport: (Mixture of)

       Landrovers, Jackals, Coyotes





      UNI: Airman battle uniform + Whatever you find that fits as a vest/helmet

      Rifle: M16, 8+1, 1x scope 


      Standard gear


2x Strike/CAP dual role f-16s



PLT: @Garfield

Medic: @FloofyFloof (tags)

A SL: @Tomo

A Medic: @itsamethyst

A TL 1/2:


B SL: 

B Medic: @Gomez919

B TL 1/2: @Txtspeak


C SL: @andyt90 (tags)

C Medic: @ThePointForward

C TL 1/2: @P057code @Kerry

If numbers allow:


D Medic:

D TL 1/2:

If your feeling really lucky


E Medic:

E TL 1/2:


FAC: @Hyxogen(tags)

Pilot(FW): @BonSie (tags)

Pilot(FW): @Chuck Yeager (tags)

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@Alex I'm gonna need to withdraw my slot reservation.

I got an incorrect date for a function I'm speaking at. I was under impression it'd be tonight but turns out it's tomorrow night so clashes with the event. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

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