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ECO: The revenge of Harold

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Nick Aryson

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ECO: Global survival

Once upon a time a group of people united to praise a meteor, Harold, and shine a beam of light on him to save the world from his wrath. They succeeded and thought it would be the end of Harold, but little did they know, there was a second act to this story...


For those who never heard of this game you basically have to evolve a civilisation in order to destroy a meteor that will crash in 30 IRL days but you have to be carefull to not destroy the planet while doing so, it's all about cooperation: https://store.steampowered.com/app/382310/Eco/

It has been a while since we last played, there were many updates since and I thought that people might enjoy replaying this game. Anybody in FK may join, login details will be distributed on TS at the start of the event. You may join after the start of the server, if you plan to join later on you can still mark yourself as going or as maybe.

I will try to be as fast as I can to inform participants should the start time be delayed or anything else out of my control happen.

Disclaimer: I may cancel the event if an insufficient number of people show their interest.

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11 hours ago, Nick Aryson said:

Forgot to add the RSVP butttons like a big dumb dumb xD, @Tobe @Probably_Tomyou can now say you're comming

I’m unfortunately going to be shitfaced on a coach to Italy at this time but when I’m back I’ll join in

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8 hours ago, Tobe said:

I’m unfortunately going to be shitfaced on a coach to Italy at this time but when I’m back I’ll join in

yeah no problem, like I said I don't mind people joining after start since a game lasts 30 days

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5 hours ago, Probably_Tom said:

Quick question, will we be talking on teamspeak or discord for the event?

Will be teamspeak unless for whatever reason it's down at the start of the event then we will switch to discord until it is back online.

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