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This is part 2 of my mutlipart zeused campaign.

Gear will be restricted. Slots may be requested by anyone, Tags take priority, after that i reserve the right to choose who gets a slot.





General intel

FOB Nauzad - 0600h

3rd recon,  this is Crossroads. Great work last night. you really showed the fuckers didnt you.

Now i know you didnt get any real rest tonight and have suffered some casualties but we need to keep pushing onwards. We have 2 squads worth of reinforcements coming from your east. They should arrive shortly with some new supplies. We have also seen what looks to be fresh IED mounds dug around your current location. I would not advise you to move with vehicles and instead try to avoid roads and push on foot.

USMC command has sent 3 M1A1 Abrams towards your location. They should arrive late this morning. Dont count on them for this OP but they will support you later today or tomorrow.

To your task at hand:


Todays objectives are simple. Intelligence has found 3 locations with lots of enemy activity. We believe that a local warlord is currently hiding in one of the 3 eastern markers marked on your GPS. Find him before he tries to flee. Try to capture him if you can. But just dont let him run.

Finally you need to capture another FOB. It is located about 3 clicks to your north-northeast.


Once again you can count on US air support. USAF has informed me that they have managed to dispatch 2 A10 Warthog CAS planes for your support. They also managed to get fresh supplies for their 2 F16s so they will be in the air aswell.

Their supplies are very limited tho. Once they are out expect them to be off station for quite a while.

Enemy forces:

You are facing a group of semi coordinated local militias with ISIS as the biggest force. To the south east a rouge Pakistani air squadron has started engaging the F16s yesterday. Expect more trouble from them.


Gearsets BAF:


      NVD: monocular NVGs, standard binos for everyone bar SL. SL can take whatever bino they want

      GPS for TL/SL only

Rifles: (All ammo has to be tracer)

      TL(not SL): L119A1 UK UGL (3HE, smoke/flare unrestricted), 8+1, 1x sight

      DMR(1x per squad max): L129A1, 10+1 - up to 10x sight

      AR: L110A3,  1x sight, 4+1

      Rest: L119A1, 8+1 1x sight (not the grip or the CQB version)

      AT: A, B, C get a total of 1 RPG7 with 2 rockets and 3 RPG26 (You need to share these 4 launchers amongst the 3 squads)

      D, E get: 2 m136 LAT each

      Sidearm: Any BAF mod pistol, 2+1

      Explosives: 1 demoblock per squad

      Nades: No incendiary nades, 2 lethals max

Transport: (Mixture of)

       Landrovers, Jackals, Coyotes





      UNI: Airman battle uniform + Whatever you find that fits as a vest/helmet

      Rifle: M16, 8+1, 1x scope 


      Standard gear


2x CAP/dual role f-16s

2x A10

You will be free to adjust your loadouts, but no rearms will be available. Repair/refuel @ airbase



PLT: @Garfield0003

Medic: @FloofyFloof


A Medic: @Glad1us

A TL 1/2:


B SL: @BDFoster

B Medic:

B TL 1/2: 


C SL: 

C Medic: @RedNexus

C TL 1/2: 


D SL: @andyt90

D Medic: @Xenborg

D TL 1/2: @P057code, @colt92



E Medic:

E TL 1/2:



Pilot(F16) : @Chuck Yeager

Pilot(F16) : @Tomo

Pilot(A10) @BonSie

Pilot(A10) : @Kerry


CO-Zeus 1+2: (pls mention if you cant fly fixed wing :) ) @Beyond, @info

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