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Gunship Gunner 1 to 1


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Gunship Gunner 1 to 1

This will be a training session aimed at those who already have a knowledge or basic knowledge of gunships and their operational capabilities. This is aimed at tag-holders and non tag-holders alike. RSVP is regs+ and tagholders only for now.

You are expected to have basic knowledge of most of the operational capabilities of Heavy gunships.

This training will be split into 3x30minute sessions and will be 1 to 1 for each session. After people have RSVP'd I will update who is in what order.

The main points to be covered during this session will be:

  • Attack procedures and positioning.
  • Target prioritisation in a high intensity situation.
  • Quick attacks and strikes during high intensity maneouvers.

We will NOT be covering basic munition type and usage, as well as basic gunship procedures.

This will cover be covered in three Heavy Gunships (Gunships with an independently operated turret):

  • AH-64
  • Mi-28
  • Ka-52

Once you RSVP mention which gunship you want practice in the most, the procedures will be mostly similar but this is just if you have a particular preference in a gunship that you want to practice in.


Taking part in this training DOES NOT give you any priority during slotting.

The RSVP limit for this is people, however I may be willing to allow a few people to sit in and get an idea of what's happening as well as the COMMs. You may even be permitted to observe through either a zeus slot or curator however do not abuse that.

Be sensible, an amount of extreme fuckery (completely unnecessary or unrelated crashes, stupid delays due to not paying attention .etc.) will get you kicked out of the training, possibly even with a ban, and maybe even a ban from further trainings.

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