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Calendar Mission: Vita ante acta


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In this mission, when you die, you are dead.  But there are respawns...



A local insurgency has been growing in power for some time in the region of Anizay.  Local military have been ineffective at combating them, losing more and more ground.  Some believe this is due to the military secretly working with the insurgency, but this is unproven at this point, and the military vehemently denies this.
To support them in clearing the region, we have been deployed to assist.  Based at Landay Airbase, we are an airborne platoon with attached CSAR team.


  • Clear the garrisoned mosque and escort the civilians to safety (out of AO >1km East)
  • Large enemy movements have been spotted in the crop fields south.  Sweep this area to eliminate.
  • Locate and destroy an enemy explosives/ammo cache.
  • Raid a villa of a warlord and secure dead or alive.
  • Be aware of: 1) National Army FOB in centre of AO.  2) Possible insurgent base to the North East.


  • There will be automatic respawns every 15 minutes from first contact.
  • Once you respawn, you are a new soldier.  This means you will be not rejoining your old squad.
  • The logistics officer will organise all respawns into new squads/fireteams at base.  This can mean people will be promoted/demoted to leadership roles as needed.
  • Logistics officer will let HQ know what is available for pickup and then it is up to HQ to deploy them accordingly.
  • There will be no squad medics.  These slots will remove their medical status at the statue and become additional riflemen.


  • Tracking will be disabled.
  • Insta-death prevention will be disabled.
  • Bandage limit is raised somewhat.  You will be allowed to grab up to 6 bandages total from boxes at the airbase, as the arsenal will remove any more.
  • Asset respawns at Zeus discretion.
  • HMMVs are available at base.
  • No MAT/HAT/AA.  Specialised teams who use these can be organised by Logistics Officer during the mission with permission from Zeus.
  • Time will be starting at 7am ingame.  Time acceleration will be on ~50x so the days and nights will come and go quickly.  Nights will be full moon so NVG equipment won't be a necessity.


Uniform: Combat Uniform UCP

Vest: IOTV UCP variants

Helmet/Backpack: Anything suitable.

Weaponry: Any suitable US Army weapon within server rules and per your role.

Attachments: 1x scopes max.

Ammo: 7+1 mags total primary.  2+1 secondary.



[Tags priority for reserving (no FNGs). I reserve the right to pick who I believe would best suit the mission.]


Platoon Leader: @Garfield0003 (no tags)
Dispatch (RTO/FAC for CSAR): @colt92 (no tags)
FAC: @cineafx

Logistics Officer: @Sarissa


Alpha Lead:

Bravo Lead: @ZeFlyingDutchman (no tags)

Charlie Lead: @andyt90

Delta Lead:

Echo Lead:


CSAR (UH-60M MEV/Ambulance)

Lead: @Rhea

Jr Lead: @SilentGunner13

Doctor: @Bayou Rick

Doctor: @Cyico

Pilot/Driver: @Vericht


Albatross 1 (Chinook)

Pilot: @Trinoc

Crew Chief: @Legendo (no tags)

Albatross 2 (Chinook)

Pilot: @info (no tags)

Crew Chief:


Recommended Comments

Hello there, would like some of that sweet CSAR Lead or Driver/Pilot role at your discretion.(no tags)

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Posted (edited)

I'll take a CSAR doctor slot, have standard Med tags. 

If I get bumped from that I'd put my name in for a CC slot on one of the Chinooks

Edited by SilentGunner13

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Just now, Txtspeak said:

I think the map Anizay must be allergic to >1x scopes or something...

shhhhhh it makes it cooler

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Posted (edited)

Well as tempting as it sounds to be Logi dispatch, there is a lot of demand, so how about HQ lead

Edited by Garfield0003

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1 hour ago, Tomo said:

shhhhhh it makes it cooler

Just interested that it always seems to be on Anizay

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