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Vita ante acta - Pt2


Mission Planner

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In this mission, when you die, you are dead.  But there are respawns...



This mission starts almost immediately after the conclusion of the last one.  The CSAR bird is down, three Takistan National Army birds have been shot down by friendly forces and tensions are high.  Some elements have gone rogue and wish to do you harm.

This angering of local forces begets an explanation of the Takistan National Army's sub groups, seen below.  

The National Army has 3 sub-factions.  From Left to Right:

  • National Corps - Friendly
  • Anizay Brigade - Unknown
  • Territorial Army - Hostile


You must complete a number of objectives to try and limit the damage of what didn't go right last time, while also responding appropriately towards either insurgent or relevant local army forces.

Be aware that blue squares indicate areas you completed an objective in previously.


  • Rescue the stranded squad and CSAR detachment.  (Orange Pickup Marker)
  • Search the hatched area and find one of the shot down Mi-8s before the Territorial Army and rescue/apologise to the pilot somehow. (Green hatched area)
  • Investigate strange movement North of your airbase. (Green question mark)
  • Push south west of where you previously started clearing fields of enemies.  Make it to the dried riverbed marked in brown triangles to sabotage an insurgent supply route. (Blue arrows + brown triangles)
  • Interrupt (ideally peacefully) a meeting between leaders of the Insurgency, Territorial Army and the not-yet-hostile Anizay Brigade. (Red join marker)


  • There will be automatic respawns every 15 minutes from first contact.
  • Once you respawn, you are a new soldier.  This means you will be not rejoining your old squad. This is known as "reincarnating" rather than respawning.
  • The logistics officers will organise all respawns into new squads/fireteams at base.  This can mean people will be promoted/demoted to leadership or rifleman roles as needed.
  • Logistics officer will let HQ know what is available for pickup and then it is up to HQ to deploy them accordingly.
  • There will be no squad medics.  These slots will remove their medical status at the statue and become additional riflemen.
  • Slots in orange will be starting at the Orange CSAR marker - stranded.
  • CSAR - Long range will be done as follows: Squad Leads will use 67 to make requests. (Ctrl+Numpad 3 to switch fast, Ctrl+Numpad 1 to revert).  66 will be used internally for CSAR to communicate.  Pilot of CSAR bird must report movements to 68.


  • Tracking will be disabled.
  • Insta-death prevention will be disabled.
  • Bandage limit is raised somewhat.  You will be allowed to grab up to 6 bandages total from boxes at the airbase, as the arsenal will remove any more.
  • Asset respawns at Zeus discretion.
  • Land vehicles are available at base.
  • No MAT/HAT/AA.  Specialised teams who use these can be organised by Logistics Officer during the mission with permission from Zeus.
  • Time will be starting at 10:30am ingame.  Time acceleration will be on ~50x so the days and nights will come and go quickly.  NVG equipment and lights may be needed indoors.


Uniform: Combat Uniform UCP

Vest: IOTV UCP variants

Helmet/Backpack: Anything UCP.

Weaponry: Any suitable US Army weapon within server rules and per your role.  RHS mag capable if you want resupply.

Attachments: 1x scopes max.

Ammo: 7+1 mags total primary.  2+1 secondary. AR - 700 rounds.



[Tags priority for reserving (no FNGs). I reserve the right to pick who I believe would best suit the mission.]

People who were in a given slot for the last mission may gain higher reservation priority for the same slot.


Platoon Leader: @Servok (no tags)
Platoon 2ic:
Dispatch (RTO/FAC for CSAR): @colt92 (no tags)
FAC: @cineafx (no tags)
Logistics Officer: @Garfield0003
Jr Logistics Officer: @mekboy_4000


Alpha Lead:

Bravo Lead:

Charlie Lead:

Delta Lead:

Echo Lead: @BigT

CSAR (UH-60M MEV/Ambulance)

Lead: @Lexic

Jr Lead: @SilentGunner13

Doctor: @Cyico

Doctor: @Bayou Rick

Pilot/Driver: @Vericht


Albatross 1 (Chinook)

Pilot: @Lerto

Crew Chief: @Legendo (no tags)

Albatross 2 (Chinook)

Pilot: @Tobe

Crew Chief: @info (no tags)

Albatross 3 (Chinook) [Only slotted with large turnout]


Crew Chief:


Recommended Comments

Conga Line of Neckbeards


Would like one of the Doctors in CSAR, please. Unless someone from the previous part wants it for continuity (or a CSAR tag holder). 

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Posted (edited)

Would prefer logi, either, however plt if no one takes it.

Edited by Garfield0003

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Posted (edited)

Fuck it Tomo give me Platoon I'll give this a go. No Tags. Otherwise Echo SL because I love being in a shit situation.

Edited by Servok
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Posted (edited)

@Tomo Would Like to take the Albatross Pilot If another Tag holder has not yet taken it. (Tags)

Edited by Lerto

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