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[ArmA3] Invasion of Altis Campaign Part 2

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Invasion Of Altis

MODSET: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b430kydu4p3yc0p/Arma+3+Mod+Preset+Carrier+Sim.html

Add me as a friend on Steam then redrag the modset to get all mods (https://steamcommunity.com/id/slothenthusiast/)

Zeus: @BenFromTTG



Altis is currently occupied by Russian forces as well as various PMC groups. After a successful Carrier Assault, we have managed to gain a foothold on the island, and have successfully set up a M.O.B at Almyra Airfield. Our next move is to push onto the Altis Air Base, currently under Russian hold. They have occupied this island for many years, and this is the main base they have on the island. Expect heavy resistance. For your success on the assault, you have been provided with an AC-130 Spooky II and a B-1B Lancer to assist in the push. An E-3 sentry has been provided to command and assist with the air assets.


  1. Eliminate the Infantry Garrison to the east of Altis Airbase
  2. Capture the base
  3. (Optional) Wipe out PMC also attacking the compound

Reservable Slots:

Warhammer (AC-130 Spooky II):

Pilot (Pilot Tags) - FREE

TV Operator (WSO Tags) - FREE

Gunner (WSO Tags) - @Val3ntine (REG, No tags)

Fortitude (B-1B Lancer):

Pilot (Pilot Tags) - @info (REG, No tags)

Nomad (E-3D Sentry):

Pilot (Pilot Tags) - FREE

FAC-A/Radar Operator - FREE

Command Assets:

Base Commander (Platoon/Squad Lead Tags) - FREE

Operation Commander (RTO and/or Platoon Tags) - FREE

All other Assets wilbe chosen by BaseCom and OpCom before slotting.

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