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[Arma3] UK Police Sim

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UK Police Sim

Modset: https://www.mediafire.com/file/a41g9x7p927x4cq/Arma_3_Preset_Police.html/file

Nogova is an island under British rule. (i.e. Falklands) They have a pretty much identical law to the UK. You are the local Police Force. You must make sure that the citizens of the island are not unruly and are law abiding. You must respond to 999 calls as realistically as possible without wasting police resources or police time. Patrols are to be conducted to make sure the nearby towns are safe.

How it works:
You are the local Police Force for the nearby towns, you are fairly well equipped and are part of a wider group of other services such as: BTP, CTSFO as well as the medical services. The person in charge of these services is Dispatch. He receives the 999 calls and commands the force. He is in charge of all the services and is the only one allowed a LR radio. The main force is the Police. They are the most staffed and the most important. The emergency services work in conjunction with the police force and assist with injuries that civilians may have. Various units such as CTSFO, Armed Police and the BTP are branches of the police force that are only necessary for the situation. Before they are used, permission must be granted from Command (Zeus). When permission is granted, police officers will change into the appropriate attire and loadouts, which are provided by Zeus. These loadouts are only to be taken with Dispatch's permission.

In the event of arresting a civilian, they must be first read the Right To Silence, which will be provided in-game. You may also be able to talk to some civilians by ACE interacting on their heads. They are then to be transported back to the station for questioning, unless they already have sufficient evidence already present. If you are certain they have committed the crime, they can be taken straight to Prison, else they are to be questioned at the station. Once enough evidence is gained, they can be taken to Prison.


  • No unnecessary harming/killing of civilians, AI in general or other players
  • Loadouts are not to be changed, with the exception of misc. items. (Unless given permission by Zeus)
  • No stealing civilian vehicles unless given permission by Dispatch
  • Unnecessary crashing or collisions are prohibited
  • Only cars applicable to the role should be taken (Marked cars for Patrols, Interceptors for Pursuits etc)


Dispatch (Leadership Tags) - @Val3ntine (No Tags, Reg)

Police Officer - @RedNexus
Police Officer - @Zombiekiller5072
Police Officer - @BestTrap
Police Officer - @Prometheus13
Police Officer - FREE
Police Officer - FREE

Ambulance Driver (Medical Tags) - FREE
Paramedic (Medical Tags) - FREE

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Frankasaurus Rex

Posted (edited)

Give me that sexy dispatch

For fucks sake,

The only Saturday I'm available for Arma, and my SO wants to take me to her friends' birthday.
I'll make sure to be there next time, since I'm still hyped as fuck. Have fun Y'all

Edited by Frankasaurus Rex

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