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Free Takistan


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Authors Note:

These missions will be built upon each other. Assets that you steal and recover will be saved to be used in future missions. Assets that are LOST during missions will never be recovered. Over the course of this campaign, if all rebels camps are captured or destroyed, it will be considered an overall failure and the insurgency will fail.

This Mission Brief will be considered In character. It will be explained from The leader of the resistance Point of View to the player who are members of the resistance.


My Brothers,

The Americans have overstayed there welcome. They come to our lands calling for peace and our Prosperity! Yet we see more death and destruction from them then we have ever seen before! Our Brothers die in the sands every day, and there bodies grow cold in the dark nights. This has gone on for too long. Our "Leaders" of our Nation do nothing about the Americans lies and there actions! They Even join them in there training camps and there battles!

It is time we push back against the Americans to drive them away from our homeland. We must fight for what we believe in, to bring our own peace to our lands! Our first strike must be swift and violent! Steal from the enemy and use there weapons against them!

There are three bases that the Americans use. They have captured many of our men and try to get them to spill there secrets. One of them is my most trusted Man. If what he knows would ever to fall into American hands we would be drivin out of our Hidden Camps! There would be no safe place for us in Takistan.



There are three convoys scheduled to depart from three NATO Positions in Takistan. In these convoys are Insurgent troops that were captured and are en-route for interrogation. Ambush these convoys and free friendly insurgent forces to rejoin the fight. You are starting with little ammunition and assets. You will be forced to capture Enemy assets and weapons to continue the fight.


Destroy Armed Convoys belonging to American forces

Free any captured Insurgents you find

Search for Intel in the convoys to uncover further objectives

Steal Enemy equipment

Watch for Enemy Traps


No tracking

No GPS, Navipads

No Range finders, NVG's

Provided vehicles at each of three Rebel Camps


Uniform: Middle Eastern Clothing

Vest: None

Helmets/Back: Must be any kind that have no protection rating. Try to pick something that is mission specific. No Backpack Unless Long Range for SL/PLT

Weaponry: AKM for Rifleman. RPK with 45 Round Mags for AR. 1 RPG-7 Per squad with 2 Rounds.

Ammo: 2+1 for Rifle and AR. Sidearm is 1+1








Platoon Leader:
Platoon 2ic:


Alpha Lead:

Bravo Lead:

Charlie Lead:

Delta Lead:

Echo Lead:


Air Scout ( MD-500 Civilian Littlebird. Unarmed )





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