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Liberation on FK #3 Numero


Mission Planner

Event details

This event substitutes the day's main mission


What is Liberation?

"The area has fallen to the enemy, and it is up to you to take it back. Embark with your teammates on a persistent campaign that will span several weeks of real time to liberate all the major cities of the area."
You and your allies will be fighting against AI and you will try to take positions and cities from them, while repelling enemy attacks on your FOBs, cities and positions. 


For this event there will be a small set of rules and some roles will be slotted beforehand with tags. Everyone participating will be required to stay for 2 hours and may only leave with proper reasoning given to the superior.



  1. Always listen to your superior. Be it in setup or during the mission.
  2. Do not switch roles during the mission. Medics stay as medics and pilots stay as pilots.
  3. For equipment and Chain of Command refer to the standard FK Ruleset
  4. If anything is not clear, adhere to standard FK Rules


Organisation and Flow:

Organisation will be left to the slotted Platoon-Commander and the Platoonsquad. Logistics will be done by the slotted logistics drivers and pilots, following the orders of the platoonleader (or whoever is going to be designated for the job). The camo will be called by the Platoonleader. Adjustments may be made by SLs after getting permission from the Platoon leader. After spawning in everyone will go to an FOB determined before slotting. Everything else will happen from there. 
It is important that you remember who your Squadleader is so you can rally up on them once spawned in.
Medical System is the same as on FK#1/#2
Assets in play will also be determined by the PLT-Commander. If they require a Knight crew to be slotted, they can request one before slotting starts.



You should employ the same attitude towards the mission as if you were playing a standard zeused main mission. Just because this is Liberation, it does not mean that you should not try as hard and that you should not adhere to the rules as usual. 


Radio Channels:
A -> 110
B -> 120
C -> 130

Infantry, PLTQ: 69
Air: 68
Logistics: 66


Slotting: closed

Engineers will not go into the Squads. They will be attached to the logistics Squad.


  • Platoon Commander: @Leprechaunlock (able to be overriden by any tagholder, by announcing it in start room)
  • Platoon Sergeant: 
  • Game master: @ryan(a)


  • Pilot: 
  • Pilot (going in engineer): 
  • Driver: 
  • Medic (for all uses):
  • Engineer (from a Squad): @greg3000il
  • Engineer (from a Squad): @Nerosjin


  • Rotary Pilot: @info 
  • Fixed Pilot: @AntiMatter
  • Pilot (Crew Chief/WSO) [will attach to a squad if not needed]:  

Squad 1:

  • Leader: 
  • Medic: @Missy
  • Teamlead: 
  • Teamlead: 

Squad 2:

  • Leader
  • Medic: 
  • Teamlead: 
  • Teamlead

Squad 3:

  • Leader
  • Medic
  • Teamlead
  • Teamlead

Recommended Comments

@Silberjojoso I had bad stomach pain so my mind was else were and I completely forgot I asked for the medic slot. Until my health improves I will no longer be asking for any slots.


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