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[postponed] Heavy gunship operation and tactics


Training Planner

Event details

Do to a sudden and unexpected thing coming up, I will have to postponed this event. All of the people currently signed up will get priority for the next event. New date and time is tba.


This training will talk about the operation and commonly used tactics in Heavy gunships.

  • Different kinds of heavy gunships and how to use them
    • Apache like gunships
    • Hind like gunships
    • Scout and support gunships
  • What loadout should you take during a mission.
  • How to be effective with your given loadout. (Self-chosen or restricted by the mission.)
    • Cannon
    • Gun
    • Missiles
      • Radar
      • Laser
      • SACLOS / wire / beam-riding
      • Heat-seeking
    • Rockets
    • Bombs
  • What to plan while still on the ground.
  • How to adjust your plan when the situation changes or new intel arrives.
  • Communications and command hierarchy
    • Inside the bird
    • Between birds
    • Between air and ground

We will not actively talking on how to employ certain weapon types... Just how to be effective with them.

E.g. I will not explain how the different modes of the hellfire work in depth, but I will talk about how to use each mode effectively for a certain objective.


Due to the nature of heavy gunships requiring two crew members the signup will happen in those pairs. Please write a comment with which slot you would like to take part in as.

Reserve for gunner slots: @Kerry

Signing up for a specific role doesn't mean you will have to do that role throughout the entire training. This is just so we can get the training started quicker. You are obviously allowed to switch throughout the training.

If all slots are filled and you are still interested please also leave a comment and I will most likely add one ore two more gunships!


And now the usual disclaimers ... 

Taking part in this training DOES NOT give you any priority during slotting.


RSVP Regulars have priority, FNG's may be able to join if there are not enough Regs+. If you are a FNG just write a comment that you would like to take part.

We are limiting the RSVP to 8 people but most of the time not everybody who RSVP'ed shows up. Feel free to just be there at the time and you probably will be able to get in. (This includes FNGs ... just be there on time and more often than not we will include you into the training.)

Be sensible, an amount of extreme fuckery (completely unnecessary or unrelated crashes, stupid delays due to not paying attention .etc.) will get you kicked out of the training, possibly even with a ban, and maybe even a ban from further trainings.

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I'll take the 1-4 gunner pls. 

Also note given the time I may be slightly late because of work. If I don't show up by 5 past the hour, then give my slot to somebody else. 

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If we only got interest in gunners I can convert some of the pilots into gunners .... you'll just have a stationary / AI pilot then. So let me know if anyone still got interest in a gunner slot!

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I'd like a gunner if you add an extra in, not 100% sure if i can make it tho but i'll let you know if i can or can't

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9 hours ago, Kerry said:

is it ok to listen in @cineafx?

To be fair this training will be mostly listening and doing very basic things ... so yea sure!

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@cineafx go ahead and take me off the reservations. With the way work's gone this week I don't fancy my chances of being there in time.

I'll listen in, if able. But reckon someone who can actually guarantee their presence should get my seat. 

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