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River Raftin' - UNSUNG - FK5


Mission Planner

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Listen up ladies,

Some of the Navy flashboys have come beggin' for a lift up the river. Of course I declined. However, we got our orders to haul their asses up the Brown, drop 'em off and bring 'em back when they're done. We're gonna do our standard sweeps while we're out too. So get geared; we'll be castin' off in 2 hours!

US Navy SEAL team 4 have been tasked with early morning raids on 4 villages in the Vung Tau region. Providing operational support will be Army PBRs crewed by the 458th Transportation Company, the 'Sea Tigers'. Objectives are as follows


  1. Insert SEAL team at marked location.
  2. Patrol Rivers & Search marked locations.
  3. Extract SEAL team to USS Detroit.

SEAL Team 4

  1. Insert at marked location.
  2. Search 4 marked objectives, gathering intel & prisoners. Destroy hostile caches.
  3. Exfil via boat to USS Detroit.






  • 1 MG Per Squad (exc. SEAL)
  • 1 M79 Per Squad (exc. SEAL)
  • 2 M72 LAW Per Squad (exc. SEAL)
  • No Short Range Radio
  • SEAL
    • 2x MG
    • 2x Grenade Launchers
    • 4x M72 LAW


  • 458th
    • Uniform - Navy BDU
    • Vest - Any Army Web Gear
    • Helmet - Navy PBR, MRF Beret, Army M1
    • Weapons (Role restrictions apply)
      • M16
      • M3 Grease Gun
      • Shotguns
      • XM177E1
      • M60


  • SEALs
    • Uniform - SEAL BDU Tiger
    • Vest - SEAL or SOG Web Gear
    • Helmets - SEAL Berets or Tigerstripe Boonies
    • Weapons
      • M16
      • AKM
      • XM177E1
      • 1x China Lake
      • M14
      • M-2 Carbine
      • M/45 Swedish K
      • Mac 10
      • Stoner M63a Family (Commando variant for AR ONLY)




  • Name: FK #4 Zeus UNSUNG Server
  • IP:
  • Port: 2402
  • Modset Here

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Huey Crew, if additional bird required pilot please!

Edited by Mittens
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1 hour ago, Kerry said:

@SarissaI don't know if Teddy actually requested the medic slot somewhere else but just to make sure: IM NOT FUCKING TEDDY xD

Le ree.


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