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Tomo's Livonia Liberation: Assault on Topolin


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So, after ~1 week of sessions we have captured the majority of the Western section of the map.  However, one large obstacle remains, the city of Topolin and its outskirts.

Due to the density of objectives in this area, and the sheer size of Topolin itself, I'd wager this will be the hardest fight we have in the campaign.  As such I'm throwing this up as an event to gather as many numbers as possible for the assault!


This is the area in question, zoomed in: https://i.imgur.com/Sx3Y6CY.jpg

We will be starting from our FOB Bravo to the North East, and be dropping our mobile respawn truck/chopper nearby for infantry to re-infil easier.

Assets attached to the assault will be at least 1x Odinyec (Warrior reskin) and 1x Comanche (which I will most likely be gunning :P ).  If there are more numbers I could spend a bit more and get say an MBT involved.


RSVP is not mandatory, is just for me to get an idea on numbers.

Please see the main post for details and the modset of the campaign:


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