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Arma Classic Event: Warfare

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The Arma Classic Event is focused on bringing back some of those classic game modes that people who only played Arma 3 may not have experienced, from the Old'n days of Armed Assault and Arma 2. While also bringing the nostalgia back to those who remember Arma without stamina, weapon sway didn't exist. Grass was a dream or a mod. When ACE was this new bright eyed idea that completely rewrote the game. Back when seeing a character's eyes move was a massive feature, and the Sopwith Camel was actually a vanilla asset. Public Servers that had game modes like Evolution, Domination, Warfare, and those other game modes that made foundation of Arma 3. 

Warfare is one of these classic game modes from Arma: Armed Assault, and offers a very unique and enjoyable experience that most won't find in some of the newer game modes.  Arma 2 brought rise to the Benny Edition or "BE Warfare" which at the end of Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead was added onto by Rubber. Which hailed as one of the best remakes of Benny Edition, the closest thing we have to warfare in this community is the wide reaching Liberation game mode. Which paints in a broad brush and offers a wide, yet small cone of gameplay. With limited Flexibility and functions. But also not a game mode in which players can walk right in and enjoy.

So with this Event I would like to bring this classic back to the community for those of us who didn't play the old Armed Assault and Arma 2 games. But also for those who did play in the yee old'n days Arma to enjoy some of the past. It seems like a welcome break from the Zeusing we do every day and to get down in the dirt and beat the hell out of some AI and even other players.

Warfare is a CTI mission that plays like an RTS and FPS in one, the commander has to build Factories to produce units and types of units, while also dealing with resource income and map capture. Guiding the team by setting commands for them, the game has a miniature Tech-Tree that offers scaling for each factory. With an Advanced Fire Support Module that allows players to call in fire support and designate the type, size, and area of a barrage along with what available Assets exist, and if they are available for use.


The linked video shows pretty much what warfare as a missions is.






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18 hours ago, Museman7 said:

So, and RTS where your cannon fodder is real players? Sounds fun!

6 of the player slots can be AI so you can have it a 50 50 split or just all players being killed with AI squadmates. Attack move never felt more satisfying even if it fails. 

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