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Unofficial Fixed Wing Training - Part 2

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This is an unofficial training, approved by @cineafx. It will not count towards fixed wing tags or give you any priority during slotting


This training event is part two of a two part training event, in which I'll be going over Fixed Wing essentials, takeoff and landing, weapons deployment, self protect mesures aswell as command strucutre and comms.

In this part of the training I'll be covering the following:

  • The types of planes
  • Weapons Loadout, things to keep in mind
  • The Targetting Pod (TGP) & Laser and Radar
    • HUD Symbology
    • Operating at night, bad weather
  • Main Gun
    • Aquiring targets quick
  • Dumb Fire Rockets
  • Bombs
    • HUD Symbology
    • CCIP bombing
    • Laser-guided bombing
    • INS/GLONASS-guided bombing 
    • (Manual bombing)
  • AG Missiles
    • Different Types
    • Additional Notes
    • RHS SU-25, A-10A
  • AA Missiles
    • Brevity Codes
    • Usage
  • AAA Systems, avoiding and dealing with them
    • Anti-Radiation Missiles
  • Self Protect Mesures
    • Countermesures, ECM Pod
    • Defeating missiles
  • Command Structure
  • Communications between other birds & FAC
    • 6 Lines

Things I will not be going over in depth include:

  • VTOLs
  • The standalone F/A-18
  • The Firewill EA-18G Growler


As you can see, unlike the first event, this event will go more in depth about all sorts of weapon systems (BLUFOR and OPFOR) so that you're able to use all of them effectively by the end of this session. Addtionally, it will teach you how to trigger Zeus to deal with (almost) any type of AAA threat. Depending on numbers and questions, all of this might take a while.



Those, who showed up to the first event will be getting priority for this event.

Link to the first event:



Notes: RSVPs will be open only to Regulars+. If you are an FNG who would like to attend, leave a comment and show up when the event starts.

As this is the first time I'm hosting a training event, I will keep the RSVP limit at 4 slots, however if there's more people interested in this training, leave a comment. More slots may be oppened. ( Just be there at the start of the event)


Be sensible, an exterme ammount of fuckery (not listening, interrupting, constantly meming around in a disrupting way) will lead to a ban from this training event, depening on the situation, from other training events in the future.


Recommended Comments

57 minutes ago, Ripley said:

Is this a ground school event - no actual flying?

This event will include actual flying for most of the training. Be aware - I expect you to know how to fly, land and so on, as I will be going over that in the first phase of the training.

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