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Rotary Wing Combined Arms 102


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There is no need to be able to fly (or know anything about RW at all) to take part in this training, but it will allow you to try out more things.

This training will talk about the Combined Arms aspect of ArmA 3 from the view of Rotary Wing heavy gunships.

  • Other elements
    • Other heavy gunships
    • Light / medium gunships
    • Transport birds
    • Fixed Wing (only basic)
    • Drones (only basic)
    • FAC / JTAC (irl usage vs usage in ArmA)
    • Prophet (not in their JTAC role)
    • Artillery / mortar
    • Armor (only very basic, as I don't know anything about armor except how to destroy it)
    • Infantry
  • Communications
    • Radio
      • LR / SW channel usage
      • Relaying messages
    • Map markers
    • Visible markers
      • Smoke
      • Flares / chemlights
      • Lasers
      • Landmarks
      • ...
    • System markers / Data Link
  • Command structure


Taking part in this training DOES NOT give you any priority during slotting.


Regulars do not have any priorty. Anyone can RSVP.

We are limiting the RSVP to 8 people but most of the time not everybody who RSVP'ed shows up. Feel free to just be there at the time and you probably will be able to get in.

Be sensible, an amount of extreme fuckery (completely unnecessary or unrelated crashes, stupid delays due to not paying attention .etc.) will get you kicked out of the training, possibly even with a ban, and maybe even a ban from further trainings.

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