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Counter operations


Mission Planner

Event details

Dingor opfor fighting against 3CB Takistan Tribal Fighters

List of objectives:

  • 3x Destroy radio tower
  • Sabotage fuel depot
  • Take and destroy vehicle depot
  • Rescue hostage and capture them for yourself
  • Search hangars for equipment and vehicles
  • Search port for equipment and vehicles
  • Additional objectives might arise out of these objectives!


This mission got one quirk: Instead of having 4 squads of 10 people you got 10 teams of 4 people.

  • PLT
  • Alpha
    • LEAD
    • Rifleman
    • Rifleman
    • Rifleman
  • Bravo
    • LEAD
    • Rifleman
    • Rifleman
    • Rifleman
  • Down to Kilo. You get the point ...

Only the 4 spots inside the PLT element can be reserved!

Two teams will be slotted per squad on the slotting screen and then the individual teams have to sort out the groups by themselves. (Leave and join on the LEAD.) There will be absolutely no attaching. Make new teams if needed.

The lead elements can choose between one of the following setup for the riflemen:

  • 1x Autorifle, 2x LAT 
  • 1x Autorifle, 1x MAT, 1x Rifleman
  • 2x Autorifle, 1x Rifleman
  • 1x Static machinegun (no caliber restriction!), 1x LAT, 1x Rifleman
  • 2x Static machinegun (no caliber restriction!), 1x Rifleman
  • 1x Autorifle, 1x Marksman (boltaction up to 7.92 mm allowed), 1x Rifleman
  • 2x Marksman (boltaction up to 7.92 mm allowed), 1x Rifleman (One single rangefinder is allowed in this team)
  • 1x Autorifle, 2x Grenade launcher 
  • 1x Autorifle, 2x demolition expert (IEDs, mines, minedetector, ...)
  • 1x M6 mortar, 2x Rifleman (With as much ammo as that single team can carry)



  • Weapons: 
    • Primary / Pistols: Blufor and opfor are allowed BUT the entirety of a 4 man team has to take from the same faction.
    • Launchers: opfor only
  • Gear:
    • Uniform: Anything guerilla looking
    • Vest: Anything opfor that fits the uniform
    • Backpacks: Anything opfor that fits the uniform
      • The only allowed longrange radios are the small blufor 3.63kg RT-1523G (ASIP) with 20km range. (The ones that look like this: https://i.nuuls.com/Jprkh.png)
    • Headgear: Nothing with any protection
  • No Rangefinders (Binoculars are allowed)
  • No NVD's
  • No blue force tracking (GPS is allowed)


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Dammit. This looks like a shit load of fun but I'm going to be 34000ft somewhere over the North Atlantic when this is on ? 


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