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Operation Fallen Angel


Mission Planner

Event details

June 24th, 2008 - Second Malden conflict

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday Pegasus base this is Oracle 1-1 we are hit I repeat we are hit!
Pegasus base this is Oracle 1-2 we are going down! Gridref 023044. Request immediate backup, enemy Flak is in the AO!





About 5 minutes ago 2 Army Chinooks got shot down by heavy AA fire. They were transporting an Ranger Recon Platoon As a first response, Toucan Flight has been dispatched to provide air support to the survivors till they reach extract on gridref 074040.

Friendly forces: 
QRF:     2x f-16 air superiority aircraft
            2x A-10C attack aircraft

Crashed forces:
2x downed CH-47 Chinook heavy transport helicopters + crew
1x downed light Army recon platoon, on foot, possibly wounded 

Special stuff:
FAC: Fac will assigned to the civilian faction, controlling an unarmed UAV. He is in complete charge of all air units and not under PLTs command.
PLT: Plt is stranded with the the downed Rangers. He is only in charge of the infantry.

Some random infantry might be hurt at mission start to imitate injuries taken

During Briefing FAC and all air assets will do a seperate briefing. they will be switched to civies so they cant see ground-plts plans. After briefing the pilots will be switched back to blufor. (Keep this in mind for drawing the flightplan. you dont wanna be drawing it twice)

After briefing no more changes may be made to the SIDE CHAT MAP markers etc.

Enemy force:

Full russian arsenal, strong air presence

NO BFT, GPS only for SL/PLT/FAC, no supressors
Aircraft loadout: f16: only AA, AIM9xs
A10: 2x sidewinders, 7x hydras, 2x mavericks, 4x GBU-12s

Air: Zeus discression, needs to be requested by fac
Infantry: Zeus discression, requires the PLT to hold a location for 5 minutes with all active units,

Win conditions: The platoon gets extracted
Fail conditions: less than 30% of the infantry remains at any given time



Reservable slots:


PLT: @Garfield0003

Pilot 1 - F-16  (Flightlead): 

Pilot 2 - F-16: @Chuck Yeager

Pilot 3 - A-10C: @BonSie

Pilot 4 - A-10C: @Mittens





Heli Crew: Gear restricted to pilot loadouts. You wont be flying! you are just normal infantry but simulated as survivors of the crash

2x Crew of 4: @Trinoc, @Legendo, @Lexic, @Xenborg

                  : @Jerichron

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