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[Unsung] Rumble in the Jungle #3


Mission Planner

Event details

Mission is there to be run as the First Main of this Day. There will be no slotting done in advance, slotting will be done using Tags as per usual in the Main Mission Start Room, during Slot-Up.

Your faction is VC. You will be fighting a mixture of American and ROK Forces.

You can direct any and all questions regarding the event directly toward me ( @OneMadPanda ) through Discord or TS. Check the bottom of this Post for the Mod List!

Friendly Assets 

  • 1x T-34/76 Medium Tank
  • 2x Type 55 APC (Twin DShk)
  • 1x Type 55 (Transport) / Squad
  • Asset-Numbers may change with number of attendance.


  • ONLY VC Weapons from the Unsung Mod.
    • Riflegrenades count as a UGL.
  • No more then 10 Throwables per Person.
  • No GPS
  • Beyond this: Normal FK rules apply.
    • Since this question keeps appearing: No limitation on Shortrange Radios.
  • You may trade in both UGL of the Squad to make one Rifleman a Grenadier, using the China Lake 40mm or similar dedicated Grenade Launcher of their choice.
    • This Grenadier replaces the DMR as well.
    • The Grenadier may bring a backup-rifle if he so chooses.
  • The DMR may make use of Bolt-Action Rifles, same Scope Limitations as usual apply.


  • Name: FK #4 Zeus UNSUNG Server
  • IP:
  • Port: 2402
  • Modset Here

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