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Raising a Rebellion Pt10 - FINALE


Mission Planner

Event details

This mission is the culmination of a 10 part campaign that has been going on for the past couple months. See last part's pastebin for reference: https://pastebin.com/u8fV6q8M

The local government in the region of Ruha has endured the wrath of tyrannical dictator President Stahl for years. He rigs elections, suppresses the people via heavy military methods, commits human rights violations and more.  A rebellion was secretly started with the help of US special forces, and over many months has built up support with the civilian population and achieved many great victories against the government forces.
Now, after the recent discovery of illegal nuclear weapons development by the government, the Americans are able to throw full visible support behind the rebellion. They have dispatched significant ground forces to the region, and have air assets on standby to assist in reclaiming it from the corrupt government. Today with their help the rebellion will end the decades long rule of the despot President Stahl.



The mission will play out on two fronts.

1) An all out assault by mostly Americans on Metsala airfield, to cripple the major military stronghold there.
2) A push by the rebels towards the local hotel where the President has holed up. 


  • American air will start further away and have a restricted loadout - TBD
  • AI Rebel infantry support can be requested by both sides via crossroads.
  • Rebels must decide if they want to: 
    1. Capture the President alive to be put on trial
    2. Kill him in revenge for all his misdeeds


Slot reservation will be granted on a case-by-case basis, taking into accounts tags and more.


HQ: @Jerichron (No Tags)
RTO: @colt92 (No Tags)

T72 - Cmd: | Gunner: @johnb43 | Driver: @Skate

L16 Mortar Crew - Asst: | Gunner: @Servok

Alpha SL:
Brandenburg SL: 

Rebel Squads will be using basically the old FK layout, i.e 8 man - SL, 2iC, Medic, 1xAR, 4x Rifleman


RTO/FAC: @Malbryn (No Tags)

(3CB M2A2) Bradley, 6-6 - Cmd: @Zenthar | Gunner: @Conga Line of Neckbeards | Driver: @info (No Tags)

AH-64 Apache - Pilot: @griffin68965 (No Tags) | Gunner: @BonSie

4-1 SL: @BDFoster
4-2 SL:


This campaign is loosely set in the 80s/90s and gear should be taken that fits the period.

  • BFT will be disabled
  • Rebels will be set to INDFOR side
  • GPS only for US HQ and SLs. Rebels also allowed, to simulate terrain familiarity.
  • Rebels and Americans may only communicate via local and radio frequency 69. No LR/SR hopping.
  • RRR for assets will be extremely limited

Rebel Gear:

Uniform: Izlom, Urban Reed or Napa variants (Mix em up randomly in amongst squads for that insurgent look)
Vest: 6B23
Helmet: Reasonable Civilian Headwear or Old (Ideally Russian-looking) helmets. Faces should be covered.
Backpack: Anything fitting, but no LRs.

Primary: Wooden AK variants, PKM, PKP, MG42, Wooden RPKs, MP-44, M3A1, Kar98k Irons Only. 
Magnification: Iron sights mainly, up to 2 persons per squad may take russian optics up to 4x.
Secondary: C96 semi-auto variants, Type 94, PM, Chippa Rhino.
Launcher: RPG-7, RPG26
Misc: Standard Binoculars only,
Ammo Limits: 8+1 Primary, 800 rnds auto, 2+1 secondary. UGLs 6 HE max

American Gear:

Uniform: M93 US Late Woodland variants
Vest: PASGT variants
Helmet: PASGT variants
Backpack: Anything fitting, LR preferably 3CB Factions' "Radio Backpack".

Primary: M16A1/2, M240B/G, M14 
Magnification: Iron sights mainly, 1x DMR per squad up to 9x, SL may take up to 4x - no secondary scope affixed though.
Secondary: M1911A1.
Launcher: Carl G, M72A7.
Misc: Standard Binoculars for infantry, Lerca for SL/HQ only, 
Ammo Limits: 8+1 Primary, 1000 rnds auto, 2+1 secondary. UGLs 6 HE max

Vic Crew: Take Colt Carbine primaries and ACVC-H helmets.

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