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Santa Corp are go


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Welcome Welcome, I'm here with a request.

There have been some very naughty boys and girls that have taken over my workshop and I would like you to take it back. The workshop is full of wonderful things for you to use against the Naughty Boys and Girls so I would go there first. I am sending you some prototype sleigh's that will be piloted by you. I insist on you wearing my uniform to show I mean business.






No Restrictions on weapons in regards to side specific.

Uniform is Santa Outfit, if the Platoon want they can even colour code their squads as there is a green one, blue one and red one.


This mission will be using the FK modset with only two extra mods added links below.



Find the mission preset HERE.

Co-Zeus: @cineafx

Reservable Slots



Red Santa's


A Medic:

A TLs:


Blue Santa's

B SL: 

B Medic:

B TLs:


Greens Santa's


C Medic:

C TLs:


If we have more I'll add Delta and Echo.


Assets 2 x Santa's Sleigh

Asset restrictions

Pilot in Red, Co pilot Blue and Elves Green.

Elves will only be using Present Explosives as their weapon. See Below


Pilot (Rotary Wing): @info (No Tags)

Co Pilot:

Elves x 2: @Conga Line of Neckbeards



Pilot (Rotary Wing): @griffin68965 (No Tags) 

Co Pilot:

Elves x 2: @Veagance @magnusnielsen




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Frankasaurus Rex


If somehow my local cinema were to explode and I won't be able to see the new Star Wars movie, I'll most certainly join.
I don't really like those odds however, and I'd still love to see how it plays out. Anyone streaming the thing?

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