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Recondo Intro: "Return from Nha Trang"


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S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC required!
This is a remake of Fubar's Recondo series missions to make them ACE compatible. Fubar gave me permission to modify his missions and the originals can be found here.

Minimal Modset as you already have most of them. :)


Recondo Intro: "Return from Nha Trang"




"Recondo" is a Co-op missions for up to 5 players. The story follows a LRRP team (Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol) with the 101st Airborne during Vietnam. "Return from Nha Trang" is the first mission in a short campaign with five missions. The missions follow a coherent story with the same characters and their deployment and experiences in Vietnam in the Central Highlands during 1967.

Intro: "Return from Nha Trang"
This is the first mission and introduction to five men assigned to a LRRP (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) with the 101st Airborne stationed near Plei Ku Airbase. They have just returned from a three-week stint at Recondo school in Nha Trang. Staff Sergeant Campbell, the Team Leader of your team, "Recon Team Druid", had already passed Recondo school, and has served with a LRRP before. He was recently sent back to Recondo school to train some new wannabes, and shortly after assemble a new LRRPS team with the 101st in the Central Highlands.


  • This mission is more of an intro and set piece and has only one combat engagement in particular. Follow-on missions in the series have more combat opportunities.
  • At mission end if the players want to play the next mission in the series, then we will do so. The next mission is Recondo Chapter 1: "Fields of Fire".


The following persons helped with the original Recondo series by Fubar.

  • Skullbilts for his initial playtest and recommendation for adding sounds when new sub chats are started.
  • REDBowl for his many, many playthroughs of my missions and beta testing.
  • Team Savage for making this CDLC and bringing together an awesome community.
  • R3vo for Eden Enhanced.
  • johnnyboy for his awesome scripts!



(Missions are limited to 5 slots - I've RSVP'd, but I'm only watching from Zeus)


LRRP Team Druid:

  1. SSG Campbell (Team Leader @Jerichron
  2. PV2 Johnson (Medic) @LurkerOne
  3. SGT Lopez @Dog
  4. SPC4 Sakamoto @TheSalader
  5. PFC Cahun


  1. Scripted loadouts
  2. No SR radios
  3. No GPS
  4. No NVG
  5. BFT disabled



  • Name: FK #5 SOG Prairie Fire Mission Server
  • IP: arma5.fkservers.eu
  • Port: 2502
  • Password: On Request
  • Modset

** Link to Malbryn's mission-making framework can be found here.






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On 04/12/2022 at 16:51, kMaN said:

 @L00_Cyph3r @LurkerOne @Dog @TheSalader

I've moved it to Sunday, Dec 18th. If you can't make that day, please modify your RSVP accordingly. Sorry for the rescheduling. 😔

I'm no longer sure I'll be home in time Sunday, so you can open up my slot.

Edited by kMaN
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