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Milbase (Now with Aircraft Carriers)

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Templates added: Takistan ION, Russia North, Chernarus CDF, USMC

Template & Asset List: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gvn7zgZQc3p0RjPOCrqlaghc2BLosjP-MmCOr2FpbbY/edit?usp=sharing

Sever: FK1 or FK4 (Nam Template)

Standard FK Modset 


Vietnam Modset (Jeris modset): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yfGeNHClnG9rbndMLG83NemsX9wGJGWx/view?usp=sharing
All other templates use FK Standard Template.


For those who do not know what milbase is to put it short its a normal fk mission with three differences:

A) Your assets are chosen by you with the approval of your commander.

B) Your assets must be all prepped and sent to the combat zone by your own means from your main HQ. Normally by drving or flying them there.

C) On the day there is no real hard limit on number of assets (Unless zeus or command choose to) or who can take them (Tags wont apply).


All levels of skill are welcome!

Overall it is a very relaxed fun environment, you can drop in and out of the mission where needed so long as if you do take a command role (OPCOM, BASECOM or ATC) you hand the responsiblity to someone else before you leave.

The mission will start at 9:10pm/ 10 mins after the end of 1st main and will be on FK1


Templates (Chosen by the Zues):

Altis - AAF, NATO, NATO (Saltflats)

Livonia - LDF

Takistan - Russia, Russia (North), ION

Chernoras - CDF, USMC

Iraq - NATO
Vietnam - SOG (SOG DLC Required)

Photo Credit: from @Mesa, during the last session.

Edited by EHOPPPS


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