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Attack From Within (Covenant) #4 [1st Main]


Mission Planner

Event details



Mission Briefing

After finding the humans experimenting with Flood spores, we had to destroy the UNSC base on the moon Phobos to contain The Flood.

We were successful in the containment, but we have taken a sample of the Flood spore, maybe we can use it to our advantage against other human worlds.

The Flood spore is currently contained on a CRS Battle Cruiser that is on standby to support on the assault of Madrigal.


Before the Space Elevator was destroyed we were able to send through a few squads with the spec ops team, prophet team and a Zealot.

We must find the last piece of the Forerunner map and deactivate the planetary shield generators that are protecting the planet.

We suspect heavy resistance upon arrival on the planet and highly outmanned.

Use whatever means to find the last piece of the map and deactivate the shield generators.

When the shield generators and the map piece is found, relay to Fleet Command, and we will send in the CRS Battle Cruiser to pick you up.

Until this is done, there will be no way for us to resupply or support the platoon.


Looting and use of UNSC equipment and Vehicles is permitted for the mission.



This will be a heavily themed mission with elements taken from the Halo Game Series The mission will be making use of the Arma 3 mods Operation Trebuchet, Fire Team Zulu, Improved Melee System and others which will be posted as well at the bottom of this event page in a compiled list.  Weaponry within the mission will be restricted to Halo Series based weaponry and will be restricted per your chosen role. Tags for applicable roles are being enforced and will not be different from standard slotting. Squad Structure and PTLN structure have been changed to accommodate the theme. 






Slot Format: Role (Tag Required, Rank Associated)





  • PLTN Field Marshal (PLTN TAGS ONLY, Field Marshal) OPEN
  • PLTN Ultra 2ic/RTO/FAC (PLTN 2ic/RTO/FAC TAGS, UltraOPEN
  • PLTN Medic (MEDIC TAGS, Major) OPEN






  • Alpha Lance Major (SL TAGS, Major) @Servok
  • Alpha Lance Medic (MEDIC TAGS, Minor) @Dog
  • Alpha Squad File Leader (TL TAGS, Minor) OPEN 
  • Alpha Squad Skirmisher : (on the day)
  • 2x Alpha Squad Jackals(on the day)
  • Alpha Squad File Leader (TL TAGS, Minor) OPEN
  • Alpha Squad Skirmisher: (on the day)
  • 2x Alpha Squad Jackals: (on the day)



  • Bravo Lance Major (SL TAGS, Major) OPEN
  • Bravo Lance Medic (MEDIC TAGS, Minor) OPEN
  • Bravo Squad File Leader (TL TAGS, Minor) OPEN 
  • Bravo Squad Skirmisher : (on the day)
  • 2x Bravo Squad Jackals(on the day)
  • Bravo Squad File Leader (TL TAGS, Minor) OPEN
  • Bravo Squad Skirmisher: (on the day)
  • 2x Bravo Squad Jackals: (on the day)



  • Charlie Lance Major (SL TAGS, Major) OPEN
  • Charlie Lance Medic (MEDIC TAGS, Minor) OPEN
  • Charlie Squad File Leader (TL TAGS, Minor) OPEN 
  • Charlie Squad Skirmisher : (on the day)
  • 2x Charlie Squad Jackals(on the day)
  • Charlie Squad File Leader (TL TAGS, Minor) OPEN
  • Charlie Squad Skirmisher: (on the day)
  • 2x Charlie Squad Jackals: (on the day)



  • Delta Squad Lance Major (SL TAGS, Major) @Jerichron
  • Delta Squad Lance Medic (MEDIC TAGS, Minor) OPEN
  • Delta Squad File Leader (TL TAGS, Minor) OPEN
  • 4x Delta Squad Minor: (on the day)




  • Echo Squad Zealot (Reg+, Elite Zealot): (on the day)








  • Only Weapons and equipment from Operation Trebuchet, Fire Team Zulu, Specialized Ordnance, 1st MEU, Operation Arsenal mods may be used within the mission.
  • Looting non-covenant weapons are prohibited unless stated otherwise
  • Changing of uniform, vest or headgear is prohibited as doing so might remove or glitch character models.
  • 2x Type-51 or Type-51/J Plasma Repeater are permitted per squad.
  • 1x Fuel rod gun per squad. with 2x Fuel rod pack (10 rounds) carried as ammunition.
  • Echo squad are allowed 1x gravity hammer for the squad. Any other squad is disallowed to loot or use the gravity hammer




  • The improved Melee system can be configured by esc > options > controls > configure addons > WebKnight's Melee.
  • Primary Weapons with an attached bayonet can be used to bayonet enemies by use of the improved Melee system Buttstock Hit/Bayonet Charge ability.
  • To assist with some of the equipment and to take into account the settings tone Third Person will be allowed for use in these missions. 
  • Those streaming or inclined to listen should be aware that music from the Halo universe will be played throughout the mission.
  • To further play into the theme of the environment and to assist with medical treatment in mission all Players are recommended to take [1st MEU] Biofoam Canister's as a replacement to standard packing bandages. They are more effective than standard bandages and are only available in this setting. Please read carefully when adding to your inventory as other mods Biofoam options do not function as well or at all.
  • Elites or Spartans do not typically die quickly once unconscious from small arms fire best practice is to down enemy heavy infantry ensure sufficient damage and move on.
  • Type-50 Concussion rifles are to be considered a GLs and treated as such under normal FK Squad rules.
  • Your character model might miss a face, if so go through the face menu in your ACE Arsenal until you find one that pops up for Elites or Jackals.



  • Uniform, vest and helmet are set by the template and is PROHIBITED to change unless told otherwise by Zeus
  • Jackals are restricted to use the [11th] Invisible pack  if a backpack is needed
  • Elites are restricted to use [11th] Invisible pack and [11th] Invisible LR backpack for comms.





Available to all:

  • Type-25 Plasma Rifle.
  • Type-25/J Plasma Rifle.
  • Type-50 Concussion rifle - [GL].
  • Type-50 Particle Beam Rifle - [DMR].
  • Type-51 Carbine.
  • Type-51 Plasma Repeater.
  • Type-51/J Plasma Repeater.
  • Type-25 Plasma Pistol.
  • Type-33 Fuel Rod Cannon [Works as AT].
  • Type-33 Fuel Rod Cannon Guided [Works as AA].
  • Needler.
  • Type-60 Pulse Carbine
  • Type-51B Carbine

Specific for Elites:

  • [Halo] Energy Sword (Big).

Specific for Jackals:

  • [Halo] Energy Sword (Small) - Skirmishers ONLY.
  • Point Defense Gauntlet.

Specific for Zealot: 

  • [Halo] Gravity hammer






  • Name: FK #4 Custom Mission Server
  • IP: arma4.fkservers.eu
  • Port: 2402
  • Password: On Request
  • Modset - OPTRE 2023 V3

Edited by TheSalader


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