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  • Advanced Breaching



    Lately I was getting reports of people trying to plant explosives on doors and hurting their squad or at least themselves with no result. Therefore I decided to write and record this short guide to make it obvious when you can and cannot do this.


    There is one major condition for you to be able to use this feature: The door has to be locked by Zeus and set to "Breachable".
    Once that is done, when you approach the door while having a M112 Demo Block in your inventory you will get the Hold Space prompt (see video). Hold it, you will set the breaching charge and you can touch it off via scroll down menu.
    Warning for Zeus': It appears that in our current mod pack you might not be able to set doors to breachable.


    ACE3 has had this feature for a while - it's simple, you come to a door, use Ctrl + Space while scrolling down or up on your mouse and the door will open or close incrementally. You can even throw a grenade through.

    Important note: In the video below I used a flashbang. The ONLY flashbang suitable for our servers is the one from ACE mod itself. The others produce high volume sound that can actually hurt your hearing in real life. Take ONLY the ACE flashbang. If you are not 100% sure how to recognize it in the arsenal, don't take flashbangs at all.


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