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  • Explosives - planting, defusing and metal detector


    Today I'm gonna write about something that is typically not covered in basic trainings, but nonetheless important for some advanced players. The explosives. Boom booms. Jeep stuff - wait, wrong game.
    I'm gonna cover usage of the ACE metal detector plus defusing and planting explosives.

    US Army MRAP getting hit by a roadside IED. The vehicle is now immobile, but the squad is without major injuries.


    Metal detector is a tool you can use to locate metal objects. Yup, that was probably obvious, but specifically it's useful for finding mines before they explode in your face.
    While using it is easy, it does have some steps that are easy to forget and mistakes can cost you your virtual life.

    First of all, while it is technically a metal detector it detects mines. You won't get a beep from a car even though it's bunch of metal.

    How to PREPARE your metal detector

    1. Equip your metal detector
    2. Connect headset to it via ACE Self Interactions
    3. Activate it via ACE Self Interactions
    4. Keep in mind that pulling your gun will deactivate the mine detector and you'll need to re-activate it every time

    The options of Connect Headphones and Activate for VMM3 metal detector.

    How to USE your metal detector

    First, when. Mines are visible in the first place so using a metal detector on a mine that is in middle of the road is not needed. Metal detector is mostly useful for revealing mines in places like tall grass or checking vehicles.
    Now really onto how:

    • Keep it nice and slow - switch to walking pace.
    • The metal detector detects only in fairly narrow cone wherever you're pointing - you need to swing around in searching pattern.
    • Once you get audible signal, stop.
    • Try to locate to mine visually, if you can't try to side step around (still mind other mines) and locate the mine visually.
    • Obviously sometimes your goal is not locate mines, but to avoid them - in which case make sure you're side stepping it while checking your front as well.


    Let's say you located the mine or another explosive and want to defuse it.
    You'll need Defusing Kit, patience and good nerves.

    Again, you're playing with high explosives - you want to take things nice and slow. The only possible exceptions are AT mines which are designed to not be triggered by infantry.
    Approach the mine in walking pace and once you're fairly close, go prone. Crawl slowly toward the mine while checking your ACE Interactions whether or not you get the defusing action on the mine. Once you get it, stop and do the Defuse action.
    The Defuse action on a mine.

    If everything goes well, you'll defuse the mine, get the green tick and a usable version of the mine will appear for you to collect.


    Planting explosives with ACE is easy and relatively safe. You'll need explosives and if it's something that can be triggered remotely, you'll want to bring a Firing Device too.
    Just go where you want to plant your explosive, use ACE Self Interactions where the Explosives menu will now appear and Place you selected explosive. In case of vehicles you can actually Attach your explosive to it.
    Now depending on what your explosive is, you might get multitude of triggers available: Timer, Firing Device, Pressure Plate, Trip Wire, IR Sensor, Magnetic Influence Sensor and possibly even more.
    Select your trigger with ACE Interaction with the planted explosive and your explosive is prepared. Time to get out of the kill or injury area.
    If you used a Firing Device you'll need to trigger it manually via ACE Self Interaction. You should announce explosives being charged and detonated, especially in confined places. You'll also get the option to select specific charges to be detonated, or all of them at once.

    Attaching a high explosive charge to a bottom of a vehicle (LEFT) and Multitude of Triggers available for SLAM mine (RIGHT).
    Setting up a timer on an explosive device (LEFT) and a Firing Device with multiple explosives ready to detonate (RIGHT).

    Controlled detonation of 2x M112s and 1x M183.


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