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  • Infantry Landing Zone / Pickup Zone Procedures


    This guide will talk about how to not suck at being a passenger in a transport helicopter.


    • The transporting squad should arrive at the LZ / PZ before the helicopter touches down.
    • They set up in security positions to defend against any potential threats during the arrival.
    • But make sure the squad members are positioned in a way that they can still board the helicopter very fast.

    Arrival / Landing

    • All squad member keep an eye out while waiting for the arrival of the aircraft.
    • In case that the current lead element dies during the arrival, the 2IC has to quickly take command to ensure that the loading process can continue without any delay.
    • When the helicopter makes his final approach make sure you are not in his way.
    • Slowly start moving towards the anticipated touchdown location but keep your distance until the aircraft is fully touched down.
    • When the helicopter has landed the squad members board the helicopter at leaders direction.
    • If your squad lead starts running towards the helo it's a good cue that you might want to move as well.

    Approaching a landed Aircraft

    • Always approach a landed / hovering helicopter from the sides.
      • You don't to get hit by the tail rotor!
      • Approaching from the front can be dangerous on slopes as you could hit the main rotor disk!
    • Crouching while moving towards the helo is also a good idea as it puts you lower and further away from the rotor disk.
    • When you have to cross to the other side of the helicopter do it in the front of the helicopter.
      • This allows the pilot to see you and know that he should wait for you to board.
      • Removes the possibility for tail strikes.
      • If it is not possible just be aware that the tail rotor is hazardous!
    • When the helo is hovering on a slope make sure you approach it from downhill


    • Be quick.
    • Don't try to provide covering fire.
    • Just get in the helo as fast as possible.
    • The best defense is to get out of the LZ quickly!
    • If everybody is mounted the door gunners can provide the necessary covering fire.
    • The squad lead should be the last person to mount up in the helicopter.
    • When the squad is loaded the squad lead communicates this to the pilot.
      • Examples:
        • Delta is all in!
        • Bravo ... we're loaded!
    • There will be times where in the confusion of battle, people board the wrong aircraft or your assigned aircraft lands somewhere different.
      • Simply go with the flow.
      • Make sure you communicate this to your squad lead.
      • The important thing is to get everyone out of the hot zone as quickly as possible.
      • It doesn't matter if you got in the correct helo as long as you did get into a helo and your squad lead knows this.
      • It's better to get out of an LZ in the wrong helo that to die at that LZ in the right helo.


    • Be careful with firing while troops are loading or unloading.
      • It can happen that ArmA will place somebody in the way of the muzzle inadvertently.
    • Try to only fire while you are fully taken off.
    • Shoot in controlled and deliberate bursts.
    • Listen to pilots commands if you are on a gun!


    • While still in transit take a look at the LZ before you unload and familiarize yourself with said LZ.
      • Basic layout.
      • Expected enemy direction.
      • Possible cover / concealment near the LZ.
    • This will let you do quicker decisions once you are actually on the ground.
    • Wait for the aircraft crew to tell you to get out.
      • "GO GO GO"
      • "Get out"
    • Move down slope after dismounting.
    • Once dismounted move away from the aircraft and find cover or concealment.
    • When everybody is dismounted the squad leader will signal the helicopter that he is clear to take off.
      • Shouting
      • Radio
      • Handsignals / Gestures
      • Saluting


    • If a helo gets disabled and is able to land without exploding.
      • Move away from the helo.
      • Secure the area.
      • Don't cluster around wounded or dead.
      • Wait for further orders.


    • Stop talking if you don't have to talk.
    • Pilots will have multiple com channels they have to listen and respond to.
    • They are not able to do so if there are people singing random songs or are playing music during the helicopter ride.
    • The ride is your relaxing part of the mission but it's quite exhausting for the pilots depending on the conditions.


    This is how to be part of the solution to expedite a helo loading and unloading. Keeping all this in mind will go a long way towards simplifying life for your pilots and also contribute towards speedier insertion and extraction phases to a mission which in turn can significantly help to reduce casualties. It's on every player to know what to do when the time comes and hopefully this has helped clear up some of the issues that can accompany these situations.

    Edited by Sarissa

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