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  • Long Range radio comms in FK: A Guideline


    This is a guideline for what various terms mean when communicating over radios, especially long range radios where the frequency is shared among several squads.

    We do not require you to use these terms, but if you want to use them we highly recommend reading through this guide to know what and when to use.




    “Bravo, This is Alpha”

    Warning Call (correct transmission is: <recipient>, this is <sender>. As it's a common mistake to start your warning call with your own callsign)


    This is the end of my transmission to you and a reply is required.


    This is the end of my transmission to you and a reply is not expected.


    I fully understood your last transmission


    Same as “Copy”
    “I have received your last transmission satisfactorily.”


    “I will do, what you told me to do.”


    “Redo the last fire mission or strike.”

    “Say Again”

    “Say again your last transmission.”


    “An error has been made, disregard my last transmission.”


    “An error has been made, I will correct myself now.”


    Used to mark a pause during a transmission or to switch recipients during the transmission

    “I read you <1/5> to <5/5>”

    Used to indicate the comprehensibility of a transmission with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest value.

    “Break Break Break”

    Used to interject into a conversation between two or more other stations to convey something urgent and important

    “Unknown Station”

    Used to convey that a transmitting party is unknown to the caller

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