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    FK Arma Chain of Command and Communications Flowchart



    This guide is designed to clarify who follows who in the Chain of Command. It outlines who is responsible for what & how the Communication should work. Read both guides as a flowchart, top down.


    This first flowchart indicates how the Chain of Command works in our Arma missions. As you can see, it begins will XRoads (Zeus) and branches down all the way to the individual Squad Members. This is not meant to indicate how orders are relayed, rather who is responsible to issuing orders to who.


    • An RTO is responsible for issuing orders to Knight assets and Mortar assets.
    • A PLATOON COMMANDER is responsible for issuing orders to Squads and (If a Sniper Team)
    • A FAC is responsible for issuing orders to Fixed Wing (Planes) and Rotary Wing (Helicopters) assets, and a Prophet Team (if acting as JTAC)
    • A PLATOON COMMANDER can also request orders be issued by RTO or FAC to their respective recipients.

    The chart is organised this way to indicate that KNIGHT Element Commanders, RTOs, PLATOON Commanders, FACs, FIXED WING Element Commanders and ROTARY WING Element Commanders are all technically the same "rank". They all work together but cannot pull "rank" to force their decisions on another asset. If, in some dire cases, an order cannot be achieved by an Asset Commander then it is their responsibility to inform the person above them in the Chain of Command and to attempt to find an alternate solution with them.
    For example: A transport helicopter is on approach to an LZ. During it's approach, it comes under a dangerously large amount of incoming fire. If the pilot believes that their helicopter and the passengers within are under considerable risk, they can abort the landing. When doing this, they would inform the FAC and work with them to find a new LZ. In turn, the FAC would inform the Platoon Commander, who would inform the Squad being transported.

    This next chart indicates who talks to who - who is responsible for sharing these messages and orders throughout the mission.


    As you can see, it is mostly the same as the Chain of Command. This also indicates that in all technicality, an RTO and a FAC only communicate with their charges, and shows that a Flight Lead or Amour Lead may have to make their own snap decisions as a mission progresses.

    Edited by Sarissa

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