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    Loadouts : Maintaining your weight


    So weight, a heavy subject to cover.

    Whenever you've chosen your gun, your gear and your extras how much do you weight? I often find that many new players to the server carry too much and as result weight too much, making it difficult to keep up with the squad if you're encumbered. With that in mind, I'm making this to help players figure out what kind of weight they should be sitting at before adding extra gear to their total loadout. Some of the loadouts I'll be displaying here are what I use personally (Minus a few additionals that I use personally that take up 2-3kg).

    Clothing can weigh different numbers compared to one another, too. The OGA ECH Lite, in both OD and tan, are lighter ballistic helmets while still providing level II ballistic protection. Some uniforms offer different amounts of carrying capacity, but don't get this confused with weight. Sometimes this is the case, sometimes it isn't. Mess around in the arsenal out of mission time and find what's best for you. Also take into consideration the context of the mission. If you're going in for a stealth mission, those M67's are just dead weight and can make all the difference. 

    We'll be covering two main platforms. The standard rifleman and autorifleman roles. The reason why I won't be covering any other roles in a basic squad is because the rifleman is the base layer for all other positions. The medic, autorifleman assistant, LAT and even as far as 2/IC are based off the standard rifleman role. The autorifleman role is a completely different entity completely with different weights due to larger firearms and ammunition capacities.


    So starting off, the rifleman.

    The two main calibers a rifleman will carry are the 5.56x45 NATO and 7.62x51 NATO cartridges. Most 5.56 rifles load a standard 30rnd capacity STANAG magazine whereas the typical Battle Rifle, chambered in 7.62, make use of 20rnd magazines. When you decide on the firearm of choice, you should also heavily consider your role. If you're the standard rifleman, you can easily make use of either caliber and still maintain effective weights. When taking up the AT and assistant autorifleman roles, you should consider either how much ammo your autorifleman needs you to carry or any other gear, and when AT you should consider the weight of your specific launcher. When under the medic assignment, the weight of your bag and all of your medical supplies effects your weight greatly. In addition, the lighter your firearm and ammo the more medical supplies you can carry which should be a priorty as you're under a more passive position compared to the aggressive roles of your fellow squadmates.

    Another factor to be considered is night time ops, as you are required to carry additional equipment to make up for the lack of visibility. 

    To put these examples into a better perspective with images.

    Standard 5.56x45 NATO rifleman



    Standard 5.56x45 NATO Rifleman - Night Ops




    Standard 7.62x51 NATO rifleman



    Standard 7.62x51 NATO Rifleman - Night Ops



    Then adding LAT/MAT/Medic bag/Assistant Autorifleman at the end.


    Next up, the Autorifleman.

    The loadout of an autorifleman is severely different to a standard rifleman in the sense that they carry completely different guns with completely different quantities of ammo. However, I'm sure a lot of you think that these autorifleman roles require you to carry from 30 to 35kg for the standard loadout. Well that's not entirely true. Just like the rifleman, there are two calibers to choose from. the 5.56x45 NATO and 7.62x51 NATO. And just like the rifleman, the difference between a 5.56 loadout and 7.62 loadout is roughly 4kg. The two best Autorifleman machine guns for the conversation of weight is the Mk46 Mod 0/1 and Mk48 Mod 0/1. They chamber in 5.56x45 and 7.62x51 NATO respectively. These, in my opinion, are the better choice for machine gunning over, for example, all the M249's and M240G as they are lighter and provide similar or better performance in different ways. Other crucial ways of shredding weight with your autorifleman loadout is working with your assistant. While you may not need them to carry extra ammo, pass over just two hundred rounds and you'll see a much better total weight whereas they'll only have picked up a few extra kg and still be under 20. You can also hand off any extra gear that you like to carry. Personally, I use the SSWT; the tripod. This is around 2kg however and can make a big difference if you pass it to your assistant along with one to two of your belts. Don't create your loadout in a way that makes the assistant obsolete. Make them somebody you need to stick with at all times, that's how teamwork thrives. If you have an assistant with you, the need for an extra entrenching tool is voided too. Less weight!

    Let's get some more of those pictures rolling. 

    Bare in mind, these are taken without the reduced weight with an assistant.

    Standard 5.56x45 NATO Autorifleman



    Standard 5.56x45 NATO Autorifleman - Night Ops



    Standard 7.62x51 NATO Autorifleman



    Standard 7.62x51 NATO Autorifleman - Night Ops




    And that's all, folks. I've done quite a bit of fiddling and perfecting to allow for the best balanced loadouts for different roles. The less your squad weighs and the quicker you can move, the faster you get into the action. Less stamina breaks are always nice, too.

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